File Libaries
Library: BBS - Directory: BBS - Graphics RIP
a2r103.zip16KA2R v1.0; Ansi to Rip conversion utility. Converts ANSI screens to RIP format for use with new RIP standard terminals. Fully functional user supported software
adicons1.zip38KVarious original .ICN for use with RIP.
air202.zip125K--==AIR 2.02 - Ansi-In-Rip==-- Wrap your BBS system messages in great looking RIP window frames. Two command line modes, and an interactive mode. Configurable Sysop message in frame, 10 pre-drawn frames available.
airrip.zip3,115BGood Collection of Icon-less RIP Graphic screens for SpitFire BBS, 2 Welcome Screens and one Door Screen.
animrip.zip6,818BThree Animal RIPscript Screens, Good!
asp1.zip1,646BFree ASP Approved Member RIP screen for BBS, customize to use.
b4yhead.zip2,678BCartoon Rip Of CBS Morning Show-re Dan Rather Talk
bang_rip.zip53KCurrect RIPscript screens. If you like them call my board and see them in action. I like RIPscripts and would like your opinions on mine, even hints at improving them.
base36.zip11KBase36 v1.2 TSR Convert decimal <> meganums
battlrip.zip10KSample RIP screens for Wildcat BBS use'm if ya can.
battrip.zip10KSome Sample RIP Screens for WC BBS.
bboyicn.zip23KRIP ICONS for Rip capable BBS systems
bear.zip2,505BA Computing Bear in RIPscript
bill.zip4,361BRIP Screen of what Clinton has in store?
bnsv200.zip341K Blood and Silver v2.00. <> December 17th, 1994 <> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Official NON beta release! Try this graphical ANSI & RIP game. RPG all the way, similar to Dungeons and Dragons! Awesome game, awesome graphics! Fight monsters, enemies, etc.! GET ME! Just $13 amer. to register! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
bsricons.zip22KBunch of RIP Graphics Icons
cadicons.zip38KRIP Icons from the CADalog BBS, AWESOME RIP!
calendar.zip8,030BThis program creates a RIP calendar for each month. Freeware
ccat4rip.zip17KHumorous RIP Scene from CCAT BBS, Could this happen to you?
charlie.zip9,507BCharlie announces WinRIP! - WinRIP rip graphic ad'
cheshr01.zip21K -=< The Cheshire Cat BBS >=- RIPscrip icons - join the GUI BBS revolution! These icons are needed to fully assess the RIP (Remote Interface Protocol) capabilities of TCC BBS. You'll also need the latest version of RIPterm (RIPTM153.ZIP as of now). Other comm programs are being updated to support the RIP format but from my experience they haven't FULLY implemented RIP yet. RIPterm is nice - and it's FREE!
chrip1.zip125KRIP Menu Screens From Carole Hanig. A must see for Sysops.
cnfnrip2.zip61KCNFNRIP Creates ripscripts for CNFNR from the CNAMES file. A screen or multi screens are created WITHOUT the need for RIPAINT. With Ripaint the same screens took several hours to do what, this does it in Minutes. My users think it's the greatest! Buttons instead of entering conference numbers. Now unlimited conferences!
colrip.zip30KRIP graphic screens from Columbia BBS
cpu1.zip1,405BTwin towers CPU's with modems, no icons RIPscript. Freeware
crd12.zip2,771BCRD v1.12: Will poll your users for Rip and if it is detected will set a Flag, this will allow you to implement Rip on your system without having to resort to painful things such as language files etc!
cskpaint.zip110KCheap Rip Paint program with save and editing abilties...
csv-rip.zip2,974BMenu screens made with Tombstone Artist .101
datarip1.zip6,253BFirst in a long line of RIP screens from DataTek BBS, these are complete for TriBBS. (DONE IN RIP PAINT) 810-541-2775
datarip2.zip2,870BMore Custom Screens by DataTek BBS MAIN, FILE, MESSALL and POSTRIP.RIP done in Rip Paint for TriBBS just put them in the display directory.
datarip3.zip6,574BNumber 3 of the famous RIP screens from DataTek BBS POSTRIP included along with a pretty neat Mafia guy .ICN converted from a .BMP using WinRIP.
datarip4.zip3,701BNumber 4 of the famous DataTek RIP screens made for TriBBS systems. MAINALL, FILEALL, MESSALL and POSTRIP. DatatEK BBS 810-541-2775
daysleft.zip15KRIP graphic display file of days Left till Christmas.
ddmc100.zip9,917BDoug Deep's MegaNum Converter. RIPscrip designers will find this handy when trying to deal with the base-36 numbers ("MegaNums") that the RIPscrip format uses. Especially useful when dealing with the 4-digit base-36 bitmapped flag value in the Button Style command. Converts from/to base 2, 10, 16, 36. Version 1.00 Free software.
dec2mega.zip13KDEC2MEGA v1.0 by Szechuan Software Converts decimal integers to Hexa-Tri-Decimal Meganumbers used by RIPSCRIP (Remote Imaging Protocol Scripts). This utility is freeware but the source code is $5.00 if you would like to use it for your own RIPSCRIP application.
dlrip12.zip86KDLRIP v1.2 - Allow Users to DL Rip Icons and/or FORCED file.
dpaint31.zip491K******** Dead Paint v.3.1 ********* Dead Paint is a full featured paint program for creating RIP (Remote Imagin Protocol Scrip) files. Shareware version is uncrippled, has instead a 10 seconds nag. * Full set of drawing tools * Buttons and GUI tools * Fast save and load * PCX, Windows ICO and ANSI import * Customizable tool box * Easy to use interface * Object oriented * 4DOS file description ...and much more! Reg fee only $25 Includes utilities for RIP and ICN viewing.
drag_rip.zip7,383B3 RIPscript Graphic Screens of Dragons
dscards.zip33KRIP Icons Needed To Play Double Solitaire
duckicn.zip56KAll of the RIP Icons needed to use with The Flying Duck BBS. One of the best RIP Graphics BBS's seen.
dview30.zip93KDead View 3.0 - RIP Graphics Screen Viewer.
dwm_rip1.zip185KDWM RIP Art Collection #1 - Artist for Hire. Seven examples of the most intense RIP artwork you've ever seen, to demonstrate the abilities and style of this artist for hire. View with RIPaint, RIPdraw, ShowRip, RIPterm or similar RIPscrip compatible program. All art Copyright 1994 David W. McNeall, Riverside, CA. Phone: 909-784-6853 BBS: Woden at 714-529-9525 FidoNet: Woden@1:103/705
fltln103.zip269KFlatLine v1.03 - Powerful RIP editor/painter tool.
fneticn.zip19KFeathernet RIP icons.
freevi12.zip127KFreeview 1.2, An awsome command line *.RIP file Viewer! **FREEWARE** Supports & displays every RIP command. Great for viewing RIPs in messages with an offline mail reader. It has a trace mode for finding problems with RIPs. Requires EGA or better graphics and 300Kb free memory. Supports VGA and Adlib sound.
fwmnu10.zip5,015B The Free World's RIP Menu for PCBoard ------------------------------------------- A single RIP menu containing all of the PCBoard commands. Each area (File, Msg, General) is broken down into obvious sections to aid the user in locating commands.
garf_rip.zip8,193BRIP graphics of GARFIELD
gd_dec.zip91KRIP graphic menus/icons from Grafix Design
gd_nov.zip117KThanksgiving Rip Menus from Grafix Design
gf_rip.zip11KGarfield RIPscript Graphics Screens
gicons-1.zip81KMics. ICONs Like Pinochio, Spidey, Airplane, Samurai, boat, 486 PC... for RIP
gicons-2.zip9,117BMore Cars of ICONs Colletcion for RIP
gicons-3.zip8,250BGhostbuster ICONs for RIP
gicons-4.zip16KMore ICONs Like Madonna, Mulata Girl and Don't Panic Logo.
gicons-5.zip89KCollection of New ICONs for RIP
gicons-6.zip113KCollection of New ICONs for RIP
gicons-7.zip113KCollection of New ICONs for RIP
gicons-8.zip112KCollection of New ICONs for RIP
gicons-9.zip27KCollection of New ICONs for RIP
goodrips.zip3,808BThese are functional rip screens that look great and work great. Included is a text file for those who would like me to make Rip screens to fit their board.
grnew.zip423KIcons for Glory Road BBS, Great D&D BBS. Tons of the buggers!
grrips_1.zip18KRIP graphics from miscellaneous sources
gturip01.zip54KGTURIP01.ZIP is a collection of graphical rip backgrounds which can be customized to your own personal needs.Provided By Good Times Unlimited BBs.
gturip02.zip45KGTURIP02.ZIP is a collection of graphical rip backgrounds which can be customized to your own personal needs.Provided By Good Times Unlimited BBs.
gturip03.zip50KGTURIP03.ZIP is a collection of graphical rip backgrounds which can be customized to your own personal needs.Provided By Good Times Unlimited BBs.
gturip26.zip235KGTURIP26.ZIP is a collection of rip screens which can be customized for your own use. Compliments of Good Times Unlimited BBS.
hallorip.zip75KHalloween RIP Menus and Icons
hamrip1.zip7,515BHAM RIP Screens from DataTek BBS with language file. Text search DATATEK for more great screens. 810-541-2775 #638.
harveys.zip65KRip Menus From Harvey's in Arab.Al. I used Flatline v103 to create these menus. Included the viewer but if you have or can get a copy of the Flatline, it is better to load these menus to see the correct Fonts I used. Enjoy them and use them if you like.No ICONS Needed
hb.zip5,667BHeartbeat is a free program that displays what looks like a heart/life monitor. Its animated graphics give a stunning yet functional display of yours TBBS Systems performance meters. Heartbeat requires two things! First, its a RIP Only application and second, it requires ASR's Monitor TSR version 1.x or higher.
hellorip.zip32KWrite a companion .RIP file to any .BBS or .SCR file which is constantly changing due to some programs making a HELLOxx.BBS (SCR) or BULLxx.BBS (SCR) after they are run.
iconm102.zip49KThe Icon Manager allows users of your bbs to download the icons you use in your RIP screens automatically. The icons will automatically be placed in the proper icons directory on the users rip compatible terminal. This requires no uncompressing or moving of files on the users part.
iconsbbs.zip9,044BCollection of RIPscript Icons for BBS's
icupd266.zip554K##### IconUpDater v 2.66 w/RIP ##### Force callers to use RIPgraphics!!!!! Supports ANSI & RIP custom screens @-codes. This is the ULTIMATE Icon UpDater Door! This thing is so packed with options you wouldn't believe it. Added new Space Saver feature for you callers. Menu driven config and Manual programs making setting up this highly configurable Door easy! Has a time function, so user time does't get wasted! Support for DOS 6.2. Add 2 files of you own to the main menu to offer your callers
icupd2xx.zip252KIconUpDater v2.4 w/RIP; Highly configurable! Works on BBS that can create DOOR.SYS Loaded with Options! NO SYSOP MAINTENANCE ! Design your RIP screens.Multi-Line w/ Multiple Config files in the same DIR. Supports COMs 1-4, IRQs 1-15. Poll from caller's Hard drive (RIP FILE QUERY) Auto Icon Scan download! FORCE your callers to download a file. Setup your own Menu options, set security levels.
idsicons.zip15KIDS RipScript Icons
jdl21.zip175KJDraw Lite v2.1: A RipScrip compatible editor. Can be used freely for non-profit use. Contains additional information for obtaining the professional version of JDRAW. BONUS: Every registration of JDRAW also includes a registered copy of JMedia, our RIP menu maker. Now you can order by credit card, see ORDER.TXT for details.
jmedia11.zip387KJMedia v1.1: The ultimate graphics program for creating presentations, demos, magazines, tutorials, and RIP BBS menu screens. JMedia is a complete authoring system. It comes complete with an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) allowing you to edit,test, and debug your applications. Now you can order by credid card, see ORDER.TXT. Full shareware version, not crippled in any way.
jview40.zip161KJView v4.0: A RIP Scrip viewer. Fast and reliable. View files with the file selector or by command line. Also views Windows 3 ICO files. Now even faster and more compatible!!! Also includes file tagging/viewing and slide show mode. The best RIP viewer available!!! Source code option available for registered users!!! Every registration of JView includes _REGISTERED_ versions of JDRAW, MAGNIPAINT, MEGACLIP, AND PCX2ICN. Check out the preview shot for JDRAW by viewing JDRAW.RIP. From the makers of
jview52.zip224KJView v5.2: A RIP Scrip viewer. Fast and reliable. View files with the file selector or by command line. Also views Windows 3 ICO files. Now even faster and more compatible!!! Also includes file tagging/viewing and slide show mode. The best RIP viewer available!!! Text Window, Ansi Graphics and music! Every registration of JView includes _REGISTERED_ versions of JMEDIA, JDRAW, MAGNIPAINT, MEGACLIP, AND PCX2ICN. << BLUEVIEW SOFTWARE >>
kiwirip.zip146KRIP Graphics w/Icons from New Zealand BBS
kp_base.zip2,232BSet of base rip menus, background and title you add rest
liabicon.zip88KIcons needed for Lightning in a Bottle BBS
licn0100.zip31KLOGINICN v01.00; Download RIP icons at Login Let your users download your RIP icons at login, without having to search file areas or bulletins to find the icon file name. Now works for any BBS system that uses a DOOR.SYS .ANS/.ASC/.RIP external display file support. Auto-RIP mode detect. Non-Standard Com Ports.
litemenu.zip3,775BSome decent sample RIP menus!
lotsrips.zip67KRIP graphics from miscellaneous sources
lprips_1.zip12KRIP Graphics from misc sources
lthouse.zip2,714BRIP screen of a lighthouse
lvpg_all.zip150KCollection of rip graphics Icons
mainmnu2.zip1,090BMain Menu in RIP w/Wildcat defaults and @-Codes built in.
makicn11.zip39KMakeIcn v1.10: RIP Icon Editor
mclip22.zip47KMegaClip v2.2: Screen Clipping Utility. Supports standard EGA/VGA and SVGA modes. Open/Save PCX, BMP, and RIP icon files. Archive also contains a catalog of the latest shareware titles from Blueview Software. Requires EGA/VGA/SVGA and Mouse. From the makers of NFX and Raster Master
menu1.zip1,489BMain Menu RIPscript for WC3.xx. Active Mouse Regions
menu3.zip1,135BWildcat Main Menu, Mouse regions, no icons.
menubutt.zip4,199BSet of RIP Menus (ready to run) From Grafix
merip.zip16K+--[ Midnight Escape BBS ]----------------+ | These are a few of the RIP Menu | | Screens used on Midnight Escape BBS. | | Running SPITFIRE BBS Software 3.4. | +-----------------------------------------+
mikesrip.zip120KA collection of RIP screens you may or may not have seen.RIP viewer included.FREE!
mirip103.zip195K#### MI-RIP Graphics Script Editor 1.03 #### Edit the RIP scripts being used on several Bulletin Board Systems now. Allows you to load, edit, and save your script files. The program is WildCat! smart for some of their screen @@ variables such as @BBS@ and colors to better get an idea of what the script will look like to the users. From John Haro, the creater of MI-Programs.
mirip105.zip173K#### MI-RIP Graphics Script Editor 1.05 #### Edit the RIP scripts being used on several Bulletin Board Systems now. Allows you to load, edit, and save your script files. The program is WildCat! smart for some of their screen @@ variables such as @BBS@ and colors to better get an idea of what the script will look like to the users. From John Haro, the creater of MI-Programs.
miscrip.zip9,731BSet of 7 Excellent! RIP Graphics Screens
mksfmenu.zip18KMKSFMENU v1.5; Create Display File Menus For SpitFire BBS! Supports ASCII, ANSI and RIP Graphics
mp-rip.zip1,207B2 RIP screens actually made with DeadPaint!
mpaint40.zip104KMagniPaint v4.0:Commercial quality editor for creating and manipulating small graphic images. Read/Write PCX, Windows BMP/ICO and RIP icons. Features a paint program look with a number of drawing tools. Features 16 and 256 color support. Order By Credit Card with PsL. From the makers of NFX and JView. Fixes video problems encountered with earlier verions! Registered users also receive a RIP draw program!!! << BLUEVIEW SOFTWARE >>
msi_icon.zip7,377BWildCat! Icons for Windows, WCPro, WCDraw, WCFile, MakeWild - - 61 icons created with NORTONS ICON Editor
msi_rip.zip9KWildCat RIP graphics Screens
myrips.zip6,819B16 RIP Screens, Good Collection!
neatness.zip6,518BRIP Graphic Screen Examples, Use or Edit
newdoor.zip18KIcons for Door Menu on Glory Road BBS
pcx2rip.zip37KPcx2Rip: A true pcx to rip converter. This is NOT a pcx to rip icon converter. It converts PCX files to actual rip codes. You must see it to believe it!!!
phrk2_2.zip144KPhripk2-2 ZIP Error fixed ! +--{ Phantom rip kit V 2.0 )---------------+ | Finally a simple way to set up instant | | RIP MENUS & rip screens for your BBS. | | This is a Complete screen system for your| |bbs. NO rip editing! just edit .CNF files!| |*Multi menu, Multi paged, Multi conf's | | all in an easy to use format! No mess No | | fuss! SHARE WARE $20 NON CRIPPLED!!!!!!! | +------------------------------------------+
picn11.zip15KPcx2Icn v1.1: Converts PCX files to RIP Icon format. BONUS PROGRAMS FOR REGISTERED USERS. See BONUS.TXT. Archive also contains a catalog of the latest shareware titles from Blueview Software. See CATALOG.TXT. From the makers of NFX and Raster Master! << BLUEVIEW SOFTWARE >>
planrip.zip3,081BRIP interface for Planets TEOS Give Planets a Rip screen for your RIP users!
pramid1.zip1,953BRIPscript of 3D pyramid on sand, no icons
qripit10.zip107K###Quik-RIPIT v1.0!### The Hottest RIP screen generator EVER for a BBS! It's quick, easy, and makes awesome screens for you, either manually or on auto- pilot! Best of all, it's CHEAP at only $10.00! Download it and check it out! Works on almost EVERY BBS!
quickrip.zip27KCreate RIP bordered version of your .BBS and .SCR's! This takes a lot of the work of making RIP screens away from you. The screens it makes will show your Board's name on top Nicely Centered! Keep those Ansi's or BBS screens you worked so hard to make and stop the problem of having your screens scroll 2 lines at a time in the text window Does not affect or change the original file in any way!
redrag.zip22KRIP screen made from ICONS from Legend of the Red Dragon v3.15 for TriBBS. My compliments to the person that made these ICONS. DataTek BBS 810-541-2325
ripart.zip10K4 RIP Screens-Stealth Fighter, F15, Liberty Bell & POW!
ripbbs.zip16KRIP screens for BBS.
ripbj29.zip86KRIPbJack v2.8 - RIP Blackjack - Features Local RIP ! **************************************************** * RIPscrip Blackjack For Searchlight BBS v4.0 & up * * Features Include, SL Modem Unit, Local RIPscrip * * graphics & Sound-Quiet during Remote logon. * * Full Mouse support Excellent demo Of my LocalRIP * * Pascal unit. $10 Registration Shareware Release! * * From NEWSLINK BBS 904-564-0512 & Rex A Stahlhood * * NEW-NEW-NEW Added Scoring for Registered users!! * **************************
ripc101.zip22KRIPC v1.01; Ansi to RIP screen converter
ripcamo1.zip35KRIP CAMOUFLAGE v 1.1: Designed to correct problems that certain ANSI Doors have when RIP graphics are enabled.
ripcbdmo.zip345KRipPCB Demo allows you to see many of the features of RipPCB v1.0;
ripconv.zip3,102B.BBS to .RIP conversion
ripe154.zip235KRIPe v1.54 - SHAREWARE EVALUATION VERSION - February 19, 1994 ==================================================================== The newest addition to the RIP graphics editing scene. This program will do everything that you want and then some. Includes all of the popular features of most RIP painting programs and adds a few of it's own including automatic generation of three dimensional spheres and polygons, advanced icon editor, the ability to capture icons from PCX images and much
ripez15.zip13KConvert your ansi files to Rip graphics. 07/12/93.
ripfast.zip59K RipFast - Ansi To Rip Screen Converter Version 1.3 RipFast Is an Easy Way To Make Them Ansi Files Look A Bit Better! This Will Alow Up To 235 Lines Of Ansi And Even Let You Select A 5 Border Colors (Purple , Green, Button Type 1, Blue, Button Type 2) NOW WORKS ON ANY BBS THAT SUPPORTS RIP..... RIPFAST IS FREE No Registration Cost Or Any Stupid UnRegistered Things On Your Screens! Program By : Steve Watkins , DarkSide SoftWare Please Call DarkSide BBS And Let Me Know How You Like It.
ripgal21.zip91K RIP Gallery 2.1 RIP File Display Door, 9 drop files supported! BeakWare
ripicons.zip9,016BIcons for Ripterm.
ripit20.zip142K###RIPIT v2.0!### The Hottest RIP screen generator EVER for a BBS! It's quick, easy, and makes awesome screens for you, either manually or on auto-pilot! Best of all, it's CHEAP at only $10.00! Download it and check it out! Works with almost ANY BBS!
ripiv200.zip217KThe RIP Icon Verifier v2.0; Detect if users need to download your BBS RIP Icons
ripjean1.zip109KRIP Screens by Jean Ludwig. Viewer Included.
ripkt110.zip150KRIPKit v1.10 -- A RIPScrip starter kit for experienced PCBoard SysOps who want to maintain a RIPScrip front-end for their callers. *** Requires v15.2+ ***
riplist1.zip47KRIPList version 1.0 - RIPList is a utility to help debug RIP script file. It simply outputs a file that contains the extented text description of the commands in each line and lists there parameters or arguments.
ripmaina.zip1,697BHere is a ripscript main board menu used at Abject Poverty BBS. Easy to change to your board name.
ripmecca.zip44KRIP Graphics Mecca Menus For Maximus BBS
ripmenu1.zip9,554BThe set of default RIP menus for Renegade BBS Systems.
ripmnu01.zip16KSample Rip Menus for PCBoard 15.0.
ripnansi.zip10KRIPnANSI - High Tech Menus (BBS/SCR/RIP) From the home of "COASTNET!"...... Southern California's Laser~Coast~Line BBS.
ripper10.zip12KRIPPER! v1.0 - Utility that reads DOOR.SYS checks Rip Caller.
rippers.zip97KRIPscrip graphics screens for TriBBS 5.0.Includes Main,Message,File,and Sysop menus. Just copy to your \DISPLAY directory.
ripple.zip4,361BRip files from "The Far Side BBS" in Whitehall Michigan.
ripsam.zip3,881BCollection Of Rip Menus & Etc. Written By The Uploader! Download If Interested In A Rip Artist's Group, Also!
ripsaml.zip26KSAMPLE OF RIP SCREENS - Trans Continental and MONeyLINe EXPress BBS's have gotten together with their Rip Graphic's ability and have put together several Rip Screen Logon's and Menu's. They will make Rip Screens for any BBS. Take the Zip file and take a look at just some of the screens they have created.
ripscr10.zip12KConverts Most Any screen (*.ans, *.bbs, etc.) to Rip graphics format
ripscrns.zip233KRip Screens of The Shining Light BBS.. TriBBS v5.1 sytem.... PH# 314-756-0930 Check these out and see what Rip has to offer SysOps: Includes "FREEWARE" rip viewer just Type (RIP *.RIP) These screens offer Mouse Support
ripsk110.zip153KRIP Sketch v1.10 - Easy to use RIPscrip editor for creating online RIP graphics. Now with buttons and zoom mode. Requires EGA or better and a mouse. Supports Adlib sound.
ripsrns.zip3,153BSet of 5 Excellent RIP Scenes
ripss100.zip149K-= RIP Slide Show v1.0 =- The Ultimate RIP Door for viewing Multiple RIPscreens. Offers a 40 RIP file database. Includes a menu driven, easy setup program. Easily import Pre-Config'd RIP databases, with an easy and time saving setup program. Works with just about any BBS package that can create the 52 line DOOR.SYS file that WildCat creates, supports Multi-line, non standard IRQs. Great RIPgraphics. You can set viewing security levels on individual RIP screeens. A DUOnline Production. (5
riptools.zip35KRipTools Beta Version 1.0a. If you have been looking for a way to include Rip commands into your Turbo Pascal program then RipTools is for you. RipTools has been compiled using Turbo Pascal 6.0 & 7.0. If you are currently using RMDOOR Version 4.2 or higher I recommend you that you give this WELL Documented TPU a try. Now you can have the POWER of RipScrip Commands in your programs. You can even manuplate Buttons, Regions for Mouse only resonces, ALL the Drawing functions and More.
ripup100.zip29KRIPIT-UP v.1.00 RIPit-UP door will auto download new RIP protocol .ICN and .RIP files to the users hard drive to allow quicker display of files.RIPit-UP will direct the files to the correct directory. Supports up to 65,000 users and unlimited files. Mouse support. Allows ANSI users to download RIPTerm. Shareware from LAIRWare.
ripv10.zip172K##########... RIPVIEW v1.0 ...############## [An Art Gallery of online RIP Mastery !!!! [ [RipView The Door, users can view, download [ [and upload .Rip files. Supports PCBoard, [ [VBBS, RBBS, QBBS, SF, WC, UBBS, TG, TriBBS,[ [RA and any other DOOR.SYS BBS. Com1-15,non [ [standard IRQs, and FOSSIL drivers supported[ [Detects Rip terminals for operation. Plus [ [much more. Great for artists! [ [Another Fine Util From MacInnes Industries.[ ###########################################
rivicons.zip89KAll Icons for the Rivendell BBS-BEST RIP GRAPHICS IN KANSAS!
robo2rip.zip32KUse these RIP Icons to make your BBS look like a ROBO BBS
rpcdemo3.zip717K *** Third Release *** RipPCB Demo allows you to see many of the features of RipPCB version 1.2 For a further test drive call the support BBS at (513) 398-8218 or (513) 398-8219 and logon under the demo account RIP GRAPHICS.
rripit13.zip24KRBBS RIP Text Window Formatter v1.3; This little gem takes any text file and imports it into a RIPScript display complete with configurable icons, mouse field commands, colors, fonts, text, and more. Great for creating RIP versions of your BBS Bulletins
rtime100.zip10KRIPTIME v1.00 - Create (.BBS/.RIP) when any function occured *FREEWARE*
rv101.zip39KRIPView v1.01; Automatically detect RIPScrip Graphics and will show the user up to 20 screens. RIPView will display ASCII, ANSI and RIPScrip screens. RIPView also supports Languages. RIPView supports the following drop files: TriBBS, PCBoard, DOOR.SYS (GAP), SpitFire, WildCat!, RBBS (DORINFx.DEF), and WWIV. RIPView also supports locked serial ports, 16550 FIFO buffering, and you don't need ANSI.SYS loaded!
samctrl.zip3,014B3 RIP Graphic Screen Examples
satur1.zip3,555BRIPscript of Saturn like planet, with moons. No icons
scrnsave.zip6,137BRIP 2.0 Online Screen Saver (fish tank)
sfctrl.zip3,714B3 Excellent RIP Graphic Screen Examples
sfplane.zip3,191BRIP screen made using Tombstone Artist. It is based on the picture on the cover of the 3.4 supplement document!
shwcon12.zip23KDisplay RIP icons files without using a paint program.
shwrip30.zip96KShowRip v3.0; Use to view RIP files. Options allow you to: Step thru file; Shows the RIP command at bottom of screen; Delay for xxx milliseconds between commands.
somerips.zip140KA collection of Ripscreens, Good
spit_rip.zip2,022BRIP screen of a Spitfire WWII Airplane Great for SpitFire BBS's
spt.zip8,168BAdvanced System Performance Test v1.00: SPT is a FREE enhancement to ASR's MONITOR TSR program. STP will display a LANDMARK style display of your systems performance and active lines with realtime meters. SPT will also compute your systems performance against GALACTICOMM, PCBOARD and WILDCAT systems of the same line count.
starwars.zip1,689BRIP, Super StarDestroyer and the DeathStar
swan_am.zip3,056BGood RIP Graphic File by Annie
tart150.zip159KTombStone Artist v1.50; Full-Featured RIP paint program for creating Rip Script graphics for BBS use. Supports Bezier Curves, Arcs, Copy and Paste, along with standard paint commands. With TA, a sysop can create excellent graphic screens for their BBS, including buttons and mouse regions.
tcll.zip147KRIP Advertisement Screen from The Cuban Lizards Lounge BBS
tcll_ad.zip40KRIP Advertisement Screen from The Cuban Lizards Lounge BBS
tcll_adv.zip73KRIP Advertisement Screen from The Cuban Lizards Lounge BBS
tcrip.zip5,220BDefine/use mouse buttons in Tomcat and text based bulletins
techqust.zip14KRIP Screen from TechQuest On-Line BBS
thebook.zip2,340BRIP Screen...Looks Like the Wildcat 3.60 Manual!
tombdoor.zip2,084BRIP Door Menu - Made With Tombart Paint Program
totem.zip3,454BRIP Title Screen from Totem Pole BBS
tricon01.zip2,860BRIP Screens For TriBBS 5.0. Drawn With RIPaint And Includes ICONS! Main, File & Message.
tsc_scrn.zip21KMenu Screen from Software Connection BBS
ttsrip.zip14KThis is a collection of RIP MENUS for use with WILDCAT 3.90 BBSes. Also included are ANSI screens along the same lines, for the ANSI part of the board!
txt2ppr1.zip35KTxt2Papr : Creates ANS/ASC screens from a file. Screens simulate continuous formfeed computer paper. *FREEWARE*
txt2rip.zip5,660BConvert any size text file into RIP formatted graphics.
unreg.zip128KWeather v2.11 RIP Bulletin maker with icons.
unrip20.zip43KUNRIP v2.0: Allows the option of changing RIP to GRAPHICS, for doors that do not support the RIP graphics. UNRIP also allows use of the users' ALIAS rather than their real name.
vripv61.zip33KVRIP! v.61 Beta: This program is for the use of RIPscript graphics in VBBS 6.12+. Comes with all commonly used functions built in..
w10demo.zip118KRip 2.0 Wheather Watch....Display weather realtime while online..Excellent!
walls.zip1,080BRIPscript , Two files, Walls of 3D bricks
walls1.zip1,173BRIPscript of 3D wall. No icons.
wcicons.zip2,263BICONS for using RIPTERM on MSI's HQ BBS with RIP Graphics!
whatrip.zip1,512BGoofy RIP Graphic To Show Color Palette
wmerip.zip1,733BWORLD MESSAGE EXCHANGE... RIP Logon Screen. Tells Callers Your Board Carries WME. Drawn With Tombstone RIP painting Program. Use & Modify As You Like.
wmfrip3.zip12K.WMF to .RIP conversion utility. This handy utility converts Windows Meta File images to RIP standard files. Developed for in-house use by South African BBS development company to convert Coreldraw drawings into RIP files. Extremely useful if you don't feel like shelling out big bucks for RIPaint.
wowrips.zip12KRIP Graphics Screens and prompts used on the Window on Windows BBS. Screens and prompts created using Tombstone Art RIP Graphics Program.
wripdm13.zip345KWinRIP Lite V1.00 Demonstration Package
zen-ego.zip2,322BRIP screen that will show that the Zen Den sysop has an ego!