File Libaries
Library: BBS - Directory: BBS - Ezycom
bday102.zip13KEzyBirthday; Simple program that will allow you to automat
e_hdr026.zip32KFile area header editor for Ezycom.
e_sys040.zip63KEzy-Cosysop v0.40; Aids you in managing all your EzyCom Us
ezbbsc.zip160KEZBBSC.PRG is an example of a simple bulletin board system
ezbbsv11.zip375KEZ BBS; Sets up in Less Than Five Minutes, Includes many P
ezcaller.zip41KReplacement for Ezycom built-in previous callers info. Thi
ezmgr111.zip65KNice multiline Manager for EZYCOM!
ezp100.zip29KEZPEEK v1.0; A full-featured BBS archive viewer. Created s
ezquote1.zip15KText editor designed for use with OLR and Point software.
ezv110.zip125KEzVerify v1.1; The first and only full-featured callback v
ezver10.zip106KCallback verifier with reward for callback.
ezy102-1.zip373KEzycom 1.02 EXE files. 11/15/92.
ezy102-2.zip461KEzycom 1.02 util files. 11/14/92.
ezy102-3.zip295KEzycom 1.02 doc files. 11/14/92.
ezy102-4.zip144KEzycom 1.02 conversion files. 10/21/92.
ezy102u.zip298KEzycom 1.02 bug fix (.EXE's only). 11/22/92.
ezy2area.zip9,019BEZY2Area v1.0; Utility for converting EZYcom BBS v1.0x mes
ezycdrot.zip7,843BEzycom utility for working with multiple CD-ROMs.
ezydrop.zip8,413BEZYCOMM BBS Drop Carrier Bulletin Creator.
ezynetl.zip4,382BEzy-com file network node list utility.
fahc052b.zip12KEzycom BBS Freeware File Area Banner Creator.
gfix1022.zip9,618BUse GEdit on Ezycom.
gflag102.zip11KGlobal flag changer Ezycom.
lbusy101.zip8,278BLineBusy v1.01; Use with Esycom BBS. Small utility to chec
log001.zip30KTranslates an Ezycom log file, and displays a today's call
lrpc101.zip40KEZYCOM BBS Line pointer reset online utility (this one WOR
makefreq.zip4,159BFreq file list generator for Ezycom BBS.
tlist120.zip34KEzycomm Filelist and Areabanner Creator.
upgrd102.zip16KUpgrade Ezycom users according to stats.