File Libaries
Library: BBS - Directory: BBS - Ezycom
bday102.zip12KEzyBirthday; Simple program that will allow you to automatically send a message to a user on his/her birthday
ezbbsc.zip160KEZBBSC.PRG is an example of a simple bulletin board system for Clipper 5 using the SilverClip SPCS communications library.
ezbbsv11.zip374KEZ BBS; Sets up in Less Than Five Minutes, Includes many Powerful/Super Features
ezcaller.zip41KReplacement for Ezycom built-in previous callers info. This one tracks back 9 days.
ezmgr111.zip64KNice multiline Manager for EZYCOM!
ezp100.zip28KEZPEEK v1.0; A full-featured BBS archive viewer. Created specifically for Ezycom!
ezquote1.zip15KText editor designed for use with OLR and Point software. Written entirely in assembly language, EZQuote has unique features not found in general-purpose editors.
ezv110.zip124KEzVerify v1.1; The first and only full-featured callback verifier created specifically for the Ezycom BBS! Guaranteed to work with Ezycom 1.02! It's easy to set up, yet includes many configurable options for the advanced sysop.
ezver10.zip105KCallback verifier with reward for callback.
ezy102-1.zip372KEzycom 1.02 EXE files. 11/15/92.
ezy102-2.zip460KEzycom 1.02 util files. 11/14/92.
ezy102-3.zip295KEzycom 1.02 doc files. 11/14/92.
ezy102-4.zip143KEzycom 1.02 conversion files. 10/21/92.
ezy102u.zip297KEzycom 1.02 bug fix (.EXE's only). 11/22/92.
ezy2area.zip9,019BEZY2Area v1.0; Utility for converting EZYcom BBS v1.0x message area configuration to a QBBS/RA compatible type "AREAS.BBS" file.
ezycdrot.zip7,843BEzycom utility for working with multiple CD-ROMs.
ezydrop.zip8,413BEZYCOMM BBS Drop Carrier Bulletin Creator.
ezynetl.zip4,382BEzy-com file network node list utility.
e_hdr026.zip32KFile area header editor for Ezycom.
e_sys040.zip62KEzy-Cosysop v0.40; Aids you in managing all your EzyCom User-Accounts. It welcomes new users, upgrades active users. It sends messages to a users birthday. It can delete users who have only called once in xx days. It deletes users who haven't called yy days It create backups of your userfiles. All activities are logged into a logfile ... Generates powerful statistics with Top10 Uploader, Downloader, Caller, MailWriter
fahc052b.zip12KEzycom BBS Freeware File Area Banner Creator.
gfix1022.zip9,618BUse GEdit on Ezycom.
gflag102.zip10KGlobal flag changer Ezycom.
lbusy101.zip8,278BLineBusy v1.01; Use with Esycom BBS. Small utility to check if one/more nodes are busy
log001.zip30KTranslates an Ezycom log file, and displays a today's callers list describing each user's actions, including drop-carrier. Very good for bulletins, etc.
lrpc101.zip39KEZYCOM BBS Line pointer reset online utility (this one WORKS! If you run EZYCOM you neeed it!)
makefreq.zip4,159BFreq file list generator for Ezycom BBS.
tlist120.zip33KEzycomm Filelist and Areabanner Creator.
upgrd102.zip15KUpgrade Ezycom users according to stats.