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ctdl286.zip458KEverything to run a Citadel-86e BBS for 80286 and higher CPUs. This BBS requires very little maintenance by the Sysop. DESQview aware, will run in under 300k DV partition. Supports national networking via the C86NET. Supports doors, X/Y/Zmodem up/downloading (Zmodem requires DSZ or equivalent). Many other features. Free.
ctdl338a.zip230Kversion 3.38, part 1 of 4
ctdl338b.zip202Kversion 3.38, part 2 of 4
ctdl338c.zip311Kversion 3.38, part 3 of 4
ctdl338d.zip82Kversion 3.38, part 4 of 4
ctdl345a.zip234KCitadel-86 Bulletin Board v3.45.
k2ne608a.zip298KCitadel: K2NE BBS - full executable fileset, help files, menus etc.
k2ne608b.zip318KCitadel: K2NE BBS - utilities and part of documentation.
k2ne608c.zip247KCitadel: K2NE BBS - networking utilities, including Citadel Gateway software for use between the Citadel network and FIDOnet, UUCP, and TCP/IP-based nets (including amateur packet radio "KA9Q"-style networks).