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Library: BBS - Directory: BBS - XBBS
xbbs_118.zip687KXBBS 1.18 self-installation archive
xcon_100.zip48KX_Con; The XBBS Configuration Editor X_Con edits CONFIG.BBS. It has mouse support, is very easy to use and has a help line at the bottom of the screen for the input fields
xmsgfix.zip36Kthis is the message base maintenance utility for XBBS. If you don't have XBBS, this won't do you much good.
xst26a.zip60KUpdated scanner/tosser for XBBS.
xupg_119.zip252KXBBS v1.19 upgrade; This is not a complete XBBS package. It is an upgrade package for upgrading from v1.18 to v1.19 only.