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Library: BBS - Directory: BBS - WWIV
cbvw161u.zip80K+-------------------------------------+ |CBV - CALL-BACK VERIFICATION FOR WWIV| |Non-Crippled. Can modify a users SL,| |DSL, ARs, DARs, Exemptions & Restrict| |Supports many long-distance options. | |Can be used with stock or modded WWIV| |>Registration only $20.00 (disk only)| +-------------------------------------+
je102.zip110KA Conference Editor for WWIV v4.23+ This program is distributed by WWIV Software Services. It allows editing of conferences and allows you to place subs or dirs within a conference in any order that you wish. The program will operate with a mouse although a mouse is not required to use it. Docs are included.
look100.zip12KAllows one to view files with WWIV ^P codes with their proper colors, from DOS.
net31.zip187KNewest WWIVnet software to date.
sp_str.zip19KWWIV v4.23 Spanish data files.
tabloid.zip30KWWIV Tabloid headline generator for User logons. Generates one of 100 possible random supermarket tabloid headlines, using the users name!
tbank107.zip79KWWIV Online Time Bank v1.07; Allows your users to save their unused time.
tncdemo.zip47KDemo for WWIV. This program is a demo version of a program that lets you run your own WWIV compatible network.
uv205.zip37KUser View v2.05. Let's you work with your WWIV User Database easily.
wcht244c.zip34KWWIV Chat V2.44c External Multi-Instance Chat Module for for WWIV BBS V 4.23 or higher Includes: CB Chat, and Real Time 4-Way Chat
wsys099.zip171KWWIVsys v0.9.9 - WWIV SysOp Utilities. The best existing utility for WWIV. This will replace all existing WWIV utility you might have. Very powerful. Nice graphical interface. Shareware 30$. Another Quality Product From: 6French Mod Division0
wwgt109a.zip116KWWGT v1.09 - WWIV Gate - imports messages from Fidonet message folders into WWIV subs and exports messages from WWIV subs to Fidonet message folders. Need tosser/ packer like Squish and a mailer package like FrontDoor.
wwgt110a.zip124KWWIVgate v1.09; Design criteria was to keep configuration simple.
wwiv320.zip112KWWIV Bbs w/pascal source
wwiv422.zip305KWWIV BBS SYSTEM v4.22 by Wayne Bell.
wwiv423.zip826KWWIV version 4.23, by WWIV Software Services This archive contains the main executables.
wwivvbbs.zip41KVBBS utility to convert all WWIV BBS sections to VBBS format.
wwphrs10.zip23KWWPhrase version 1.0 for WWIV WWPhrase is a WWIV utility that outputs a phrase (either specified by you or randomly selected from a file) and inserts user information where you specify with special @codes. Easy to run, fun, and useful. Shareware by Platypus Programming - $2
wwstrp10.zip11KWWStrip version 1.0 WWIV color remover removes WWIV color codes from menu files, etc., facilitating easier editing. Very fast and easy to use. Shareware by Platypus Programming - $2
wwtype10.zip13KWWType v.1.0 brings WWIV color to DOS by recreating the DOS TYPE command with the ability to display WWIV colors including centering! Fast and easy! Shareware by Platypus Programming - $2
wwvchtb1.zip13KThe WWIV Teleconference beta-1 (C) Copyright 1994. A Tronix Developers production by CJ aka Charles Sperber ... The WWIV Teleconference beta-1 is a multi-line compatible teleconference capable of supporting 999 concurrent instances of WWIV. Download me, I'll enhance your system!
wwvregb1.zip26KThe WWIV Registry - beta-1 release (C) Copyright 1994. A Tronix Developer's production by CJ aka Charles Sperber ... The WWIV Registry is a unique database capable of storing information on users of your system. It's a great way for users to get to know one another. Colorful & state of the art programming make this registry worth your time to download.