File Libaries
Library: BBS - Directory: BBS - VBBS
editstat.zip26KEdit status on VBBS.
logstats.zip32KVBBS utility to give statistics on Virtual- Net network lo
net_tree.zip33KVBBS utility to give a tree representation of the VirtualN
qrii05.zip123KQUIK-ROM II Pre-Release | | VBBS CD-ROM Uploader | | This
qwksrt56.zip24KQWKSORT v5.6; Re-Index QWK Subs for VBBS 5.60 This program
subscrib.zip31KVBBS utility to allow you to see who is post- ing on certa
userages.zip28KPrints a graph of user ages for VBBS.
v2_614.zip774KVBBS-OS2 6.14 MULTINODE/MULTINETWORK BBS This 4-channel ve
varea610.zip80KVBBS Area Subscriber 6.10.09
vbbs61-1.zip590KVBBS v6.1 [1/2] MultiNode and MultiNetwork BBS This 4-chan
vbbs61-2.zip524KVBBS v6.1 [2/2] MultiNode and MultiNetwork BBS This 4-chan
vbbsnode.zip31KVBBS utility to change your network node # throughout all
vbfile11.zip44KVBFile v1.1 VBFile exports the VBBS File database to a for
vdiz5601.zip36KVDIZ v5.60.01; VBBS 5.6 Utility to automate importe of FIL
vfbbs60.zip13KV-FBBS 6.0 Converts Files.BBS to VBBS 6.0+ database format
vfork.zip12KVFORK VBBS visual network structure; Display a type 1 (VNE
vload56c.zip43KVLOAD 5.60c - ASCII to VBBS File Database Converter. VLOAD
vlogs560.zip69KVBBS Network Log Analyser v5.60.00; VLOGS maintains and an
vnode560.zip67KVBBS Node Amender Version 5.60.00; If you have to change y
vpp2.zip54KVirtual Packer Peek; works with VBBS 5.6+
vsubs560.zip72KVBBS Message/File Area Subscription v5.60.01
vtree560.zip73KVBBS Network Tree 5.60.03; A little program to draw the ne
vuser560.zip67KVBBS User Purger v5.60.0; Allows you to automatically dele
vuu101.zip77KAnother replacement for VUUCP, the VBBS UUCP interface, up
vuucp221.zip114KVUUCP/2- VUUCP Replacement for VBBS 6.10+
vww4chk3.zip9,198BVWW4-CHK v4.0; This program is to fix VBBS's problem with