File Libaries
Library: BBS - Directory: BBS - TBBS
asrdigtl.zip6,077BRealtime Ansi Digital Alarm Clock
bam123.zip68KBam v1.23: BBS Billboard
bbs2dir.zip22KBBS2DIR 1.01 Converts FILES.BBS to FILES.DIR
benddemo.zip101KMind Benders will bend YOUR user's minds!
browse11.zip14KA gopher-like file browser for TBBS
bupld20.zip155KFrontier Enterprises - BUPLD v2.0 Batch Upload for TBBS/TD
cap112.zip8,472BSysop Paging ProgramConfigurable
cdrom_fe.zip13KCD-ROM file manager for TBBS/TDBS.
chatchsd.zip41KChat Chess for TBBS
console.zip151KConsole v1.0: SHARE files with TDBS applications that are
copyit4.zip289KCopy It ver 4: TBBS server control system.
cp2demo.zip530KDemo of Control Panel 2.1 - User Manager
csl1.zip1,469BSource code to execute any TBBS CMD!
csl2.zip1,346BSource Code to pack TDBS databases!
cyberlog.zip209KTBBS/eSoft Product Ordering Catalog - Cyberia
dads.zip7,916BThe Ad Manager[
dcinema3.zip220KCinema III over 6000 movies
dirfix2.zip67KConvert all Files.bbs formats to tbbs.dir
dreview.zip118KRestaurant Review
dropdemo.zip97KTetris-like game with scoring.
ec11.zip50KThe 'ultimate' event calendar for TBBS
famelite.zip55KFAMOUS Lite: Unlimited subscription levels Many other TBBS
fileom.zip21KFileOM, File Option Module by Rick Kosick
fman4_2.zip410KFileMan 4.2 w/RIP and System Cmds
fms20b.zip166KThe file management system v2.0beta for TBBS/TDBS.
follow.zip17KDemo: Tbbs Dayfile Utility: Follow Bad Users
forbin1.zip3,311BTDBS program to fake Caller ID!
fst202.zip63KFlexStat v2.02 is a powerful history file analyzer for TBB
gamble.zip29KBingo like TDBS game. Fun! Req. ANSI (share)
ghostpay.zip3,285BUtility for ABSPAYv1.0 - Ghost Event
gifscan.zip2,946BScans Msgs Encl Directory for GIFs.
gsipay16.zip63KABS Check-Savings Payment Modulev1.6 for TBBS v2.2 - TDBS
gwasprod.zip76KProducts Designed To Enhance Your TDBS System
hangman.zip25KNew Hang Man Game for TBBS
ichgscpt.zip2,611BUpdate Interchange Database File: Due to recent changes in
icsmdemo.zip215KSubscription module. See CREDIT.TXT
igate11.zip17KNetmail/Email gating for TBBS/PIMP.
isbull.zip65KIs That a Bulletin Manager v2.02
jump102.zip39KDemo for and Update to JUMP
mag200.zip114KMAGIC STAT 2.00 ### ### + bonus track ### ### DAYFILE HUNT
max2tbbs.zip29KMaximus to TBBS userlog converter
mfmldemo.zip162KMaster File Manager/LAN Demo;for CDs&hard drv
moanmake.zip9,436BLet users suggest MOANS via a /SUGGEST cmd
moansref.zip12Kv1.1 - Produce user manual for UChat moans
modfixes.zip8,206BCurrent status of MODS in UPDATE.BIN
mon16.zip14KTDBS Host and Application Extention Interface Monitor v2.0
mon32.zip14KTDBS Host and Application Extention Interface Monitor v2.0
mon64.zip14KTDBS Host and Application Extention Interface Monitor v2.0
move320.zip30KThis is a great file mover for TBBS version 2.x. This prog
mr_cid.zip6,007BRealtime CALLER-ID Polling System
msgwait.zip9,524BMSGWAIT v1.0: FREE program that allows the sysop to browse
no2tbbs.zip35KConvert Night Owl directories to TBBS format.
pcbcvt10.zip8,042BPCBoard -> TBBS File Directory Convertor by Chris Frankfor
proutils.zip102KFrontier Enterprises - PROUTILS FTS PRO Utilities: A set o
pure10.zip45KPURE.TPG Copyright 1994. K.W. Risser/kurt.risser@shivasys.
pview11.zip80KFrontier Enterprises - ProView v1.1 PROVIEW for TBBS/TDBS:
quicktkb.zip807KQuickSearch/eSoft Tech Knowledge Base Demo
randfile.zip3,592BRandom file display for TBBS/TDBS (picks from mask).
random20.zip69KFrontier Enterprises - RandFile v2.0 Random File Display f
razmataz.zip23KRaz-Ma-Taz! A Great TDBS Card Game!
reg11.zip12KUser registration program v1.1 for TBBS/TDBS.
reset.zip20KReset/Precondition modems from RUNBBS.BAT
ripomfix.zip7,015BRIPOMFIX - Fixes eSoft's RIPOM.EXE option module so that a
ronco104.zip20KNew release, creates .DIR files from any CD.
showlng.zip7,199BDisplay TBBS 2.3 language file
showtime.zip12KTDBS text file display program (new v1.3)
static11.zip60KStatics v1.00 * Dayfile analizer * * for TBBS 2.3 * * - Cr
statsmpl.zip20KSamples of Statistics v1.0, available soon
tb2dbdem.zip18KBETA of TBBS Userlog to DBF Exporter
tbbs22.zip27KTBBS 2.2 update.bin
tbu330.zip33KThe Batch Utilities program v3.30
tc.zip21KTrafiCop - TDBS Internet Traffic Monitor
tcmd10.zip148KFrontier Enterprises - TCOMMAND v1.0 TBBS Commander for TB
term14c.zip73KTerm14 v1.03: Terminal Program for TBBS over a Lan
tiledemo.zip13KTile Slide TDBS Scrambled Puzzle Game
tipx.zip55KUpdate to TIPX drivers
tsc.zip31KThe Serial Connection v1.1: MODEM 2 MODEM connection inter
tsdemo.zip119KTSHELL 1.0 Shell to Environment for TBBSVery
tueidemo.zip30KTBBS Userlog Exporter/Importer
type1n2.zip29KSingle/Multi Text File Dsp w/ Srch (Demo/UpG)
uc-split.zip11KUltraChat SPLIT SCREEN Chat System
uchatctl.zip93KUltraChat Control - log/ctl linkups
ucsend.zip6,899BUC-Express: Free product of Advanced Systems Research that
ul2dbf.zip119KFREE- Export username from ulog to database
ulfix.zip132KRepairs severly corrupted userlogs
ull1.zip12KTBBS Userlog Lister #1 v1.0: Let users search a list of al
updbin.zip20KUpdate patch for users of TBBS v2.2.
urs20.zip144KFrontier Enterprises - URS v2.0 User Registration System f
uss20.zip164KFrontier Enterprises - USS v2.0 User Subscription System f
winread.zip6,125BResizeable Scrl Windowed Txt Reader
wordwrap.zip6,987BWORDWRAP.ZIP v1.1 - textfile explains to TBBS users and sy
zindex.zip94KImproved dBASE III+ Indexing tool (Free)