File Libaries
Library: BBS - Directory: BBS - Tag
17tag2fd.zip12KUpdate to TAG2FD, Now multinode aware. v1.7
250flist.zip26KList generator for TAG BBS systems. Respectsall security,
adnet31r.zip22KADDnet v3.1 Std, adds net calls to T.A.G. bbs Software's L
alter20.zip22KWho's on" for Each Node Adjuster ForMULTI-NODE BBS's For T
amail10.zip16KAutoMail v1.0 For TAG 2.6; Post a pre-written message, eit
beta83.zip44KBimodem Deluxe v0.83 for T.A.G. BBS; Enhanced interface be
bw305tag.zip290KThe Blue Wave Offline Mail Door/T.A.G. v3.05. This version
caller21.zip31KCALLER 2.1 ]/\/\/\ for TAG; Modifies CALLERS.LOG (log of c
cbvtag46.zip156KUpdate to Callback verifier for T.A.G. 2.7C
ccaller.zip5,446BConvert Caller List v1.0 for Tag; Converts"Callers.Log" in
cd_add1.zip7,514BCD_ADD; Useful for adding CD-ROM to TAG BBS
cdromdir.zip9,619BCDROMDIR; Takes a FILES.BBS format file, and converts it t
chattn10.zip43KChat Tune Editor/Composer for T.A.G.
cklogon1.zip32KCheck Logon v1; Check things out each time a new user logg
clog-30.zip7,508BCALL-LOG v3.0; For TAG BBSs to make a log of who called, a
colorset.zip10KColorSet v1.0 - Allows users to select btw multiple color
dcqwk15b.zip142KDCQwk/Tag 2.6D v1.5b; Mail reader door written specificall
dvtag.zip26KPertinent files for sysops who want to use Desqview while
file102.zip10KAll Files generator for TAG; Produce a downloadable listin
fix26nur.zip6,570BT.A.G. Version 2.6 New User Required Question Fix
fixfile1.zip10KFixFiles for TAG v2.6d; Global FILES.BBS to T.A.G FILES.DI
fixfile9.zip14KUpdate to .DIR file updating program (much faster now)
fochng20.zip16KFOCHANGE v2.0; Allows the T.A.G. SysOp to globally change
fpoints3.zip71KFPOINTS v3.0; This program will automaticallyupdate the "P
gfile25f.zip51KBBS v2.5f, general text and support files
hallfame.zip12KHALLFAME; T.A.G. 2.6 BBS Statistic Hall Of Fame Bulleting
hat14.zip12KThis is an interface for Hatch.exe to hatch a file from TA
hideme70.zip13KHide The Sysop for TAG BBS v7.00
howtotag.zip2,560Bto use the Tag BBS, information file
hstmodem.zip2,048Bto use a USRobotics HST modem with TAG BBS
introdoc.zip3,480BThe LYME LIGHT user information station Door. Place to tel
jampack9.zip95KJAMPACK - JAM Message base maintenance program for T.A.G.
match14.zip13KVer 1.4 MatchIt. Similiar to concentration. Door software.
mate120s.zip127KTAGMate v1.20 Standard ]-- The very latest and the very gr
mbreward.zip11KMessage Base Reward Utility v1.0; Reward users on your sys
mc11a.zip6,483BTag Menu Copy v1.1; Simple utility that duplicates a TAG m
mcmenu21.zip45KMenu Editor for T.A.G. 2.7
msgfd21b.zip74KMSGFIND; TAG Message Wait Utility For TAG FIDO Style Messa
mw_310c.zip15KMailwait, # msgs waiting for TagMail (TAG BBS)
n120-120.zip24KIncluded in this archive are every configuration file and
namefix2.zip7,839BNames.LST fix Program for Tag 2.6+ V2.0
newmsgc.zip44KNEWMSG v1.01; T.A.G. 2.6c1 Hudson Style Msgbase New Messag
news13.zip48KLogon News Door For T.A.G. 2.6d-f
nicelog1.zip15KNicelog v1.1 - Enhances CALLERS.LOG as you design (4 inclu
nlistx26.zip15KUser listing utility for TAG 2.6c.
nlog27.zip46KNewLog v2.7: THE alternate callers log for TAG v2.6d. NewL
patch25g.zip7,168BBBS v2.5g system patch
pt11.zip15KProtocol Transfer is a TAG specific program that allows th
pyhsl10.zip38KPYHSL = TAG <-> HS/Link protocol interface
qwack096.zip38KQwack, a utility to let you use your Blue Wave reader on q
ra2tagu.zip24KRA to T.A.G. Conversions utility
recount3.zip13KReCount; User Recounter for T.A.G. 2.6
rom2tag2.zip15KCD-ROM to TAG Conversion; program to extract the filename,
stats.zip12KTag System Statistics Program; Searches the Path for your
sysusg13.zip33KSystem Usage Graph v1.3; SYSUSAGE creates a graph of your
t2t20a.zip17KT2T v2.0a; TIC2TAG is designed to read your *.TIC and *.FL
tag26hnt.zip2,829BFeatures for use in Tag 2.6
tag2bw41.zip137KTAG To Blue Wave Door Interface Utils v4.1
tag_sh41.zip95KShuttle Logon for T.A.G. 2.6d BBS. Replaces TAG_40.ZIP wit
tagc26f.zip15KT. A. G. version 2.6f Conversion program To upgrade your T
tagc27.zip15KT.A.G. Version 2.7 Conversion Package (2.6f/2.6f1> 2.7).
tagd100s.zip13KTNTSoft] TAG Developer's Kit v1.00 Standard (Turbo Pascal)
tagd25g.zip109KTAG BBS v2.5g, documentation
tagd27.zip129KT.A.G. Version 2.7 Documentation Package.
tagdir2.zip10KTagDir v2.0; Looks in the TAG Directory files for a partic
tagdup11.zip12KTag Dupe. Takes out all duplicate file names within each f
tagfam03.zip96KFile Area Manager for T.A.G. BBS: many features.
tagfam28.zip192KTAGFAM27.ZIP - T.A.G. BBS v2.7c File Area Manager. Full fe
taghelp.zip9,749BExample of CD-ROM file area setup for TAG BBS
tagid101.zip4,096BBBS Ideas v1.01
tagl0593.zip81KTAGLIST: ASCII listing of the TAG BBS's in the world. Colo
tagl0794.zip73KInternational T.A.G. BBS Listing for 07/94
taglst17.zip13KTAG List will read your .DIR datafiles and generate an equ
tagm25g.zip265KTAG BBS v2.5g, main and overlay programs
tagm26f.zip341KT.A.G. Version 2.6f; This release adds QWK support to T.A.
tagm27.zip392KT.A.G. Version 2.7 Main Programs.
tagm2f1.zip20KTAGM2F v1.0: Convert your MBOARDS.DAT file to the FOLDER.F
tagn26d.zip24KTag bbs 2.6d: nodelist compiler.
tagpack1.zip146KPackage of 9 utilities for TAG BBS by Mark McKay
tagr25g.zip9,728BTAG BBS v2.5g, file structures
tagr26e.zip32KT.A.G. Bulletin Board System Data Record Structures.
tagr27.zip29KT.A.G. Version 2.7 Pascal and "C" Record Structures.
tags25g.zip57KTAG BBS v2.5g, instant start-up documentation
tags27.zip76KT.A.G. Version 2.7 Start-Up Package.
tagsh_11.zip6,637BT.A.G. BBS COMMAND SHELL v1.1 ####### Command shell for Sy
tagstat1.zip28KT.A.G. Statistics v1.0; User/System Statistics Door for T.
tagu27c.zip23KT.A.G. Version 2.7c Update Release (updates 2.7b)
tback543.zip25KTagBack v5.43; Allows a BBS SysOp to backup his/her BBS in
tbase22.zip24KTNTSoft] TopBases v2.2 Standard
tce11l.zip53KTCEDIT - T.A.G. Congigurable Editor v1.1l Full-screen Edit
tcedit15.zip52KTCEDIT - T.A.G. Configurable Editor v1.5 Full-screen Edito
tcfg100.zip18KTAGCFG v1.00 Writes STATUS.DAT to an ASCII text file with
tcfg150s.zip21KTNTSoft] TAGCFG v1.50 Standard
tfl_11.zip43KFREE File List Maker for T.A.G. (C Source Included)
tfm122.zip49KTurboFileManager: file finder for Tag bbs.
tfp100.zip77KTAG File Processor v1.00 *> (TFP) For TAG 2.7b, 2.7c. (and
tgce10.zip46KTGCE v1.0; Tag BBS Color Editor
tgedt191.zip36KTAGEDIT - 1.91s Multi-function user editor made specifical
tim12.zip37KTAG - LASTCALL UTILITY v1.2. Posts the last BBS caller as
tm_241.zip190KTagMail v2.41, including documentation [Fido]
tn31b.zip45KTAGNITE v3.1; Nightly utility program written for TAG 2.6.
tntd076g.zip16KTNTSoft] TNT Software T.A.G. Devloper's Kit v0.76 Gamma (N
top150.zip9,641BTOP; Top 15 Files Downloaded Bulletin Generator
top15100.zip28KTop 15 Files v1.0; Downloaded Bulletin Generator. Top 15 i
toppst11.zip48KTop message poster utility for Tag BBS.
tram101s.zip80KTagRAM v1.0 "Remote Autovalidation Manager" for TAG v2.6c1
tram10a1.zip56KTagRAM v1.0a1 "Wide BETA"; TagRAM is written for TAG v2.6c
trans111.zip30KTranStat v1.11; For TAG BBSs. TranStat will show detailed
tscan695.zip89KScan for viruses for T.A.G bbs.
tsm212.zip334KTranStar Offline Mail Door for TAG 2.7* BW/QWK private mai
tsort212.zip17KPlace offline files in the listing that they belong in and
tstat-31.zip50KStats v3.1 for TAG Bulletin Board Systems Requires a Fossi
tv.zip12KThe T.A.G. Local File Viewer; The main purpose of the this
ucmp11.zip12KUselist Compress V1.1 For T.A.G. 2.7
upcase30.zip15KTAG Upcase for T.A.G. 2.6; Upcase will capitalize your use
vote27.zip25KSuper Vote for T.A.G. 2.6; Generate who voted what on all
whatbaud.zip11KWHAUTBAUD; T.A.G. 2.6 Baud Rate Analysis Bulletin Generato
why11.zip9,908BWHY; What Happened Yesterday For TAG v2.5g Player's Choice