File Libaries
Library: BBS - Directory: BBS - RBBS
175b220c.zip170KRBBS-PC 17.5b-Wide Area BETA Release.Wide-Area-BETA UPDATE
175b220m.zip233KRBBS-PC 17.5b-Wide Area BETA Release.Wide-Area-BETA UPDATE
175b220s.zip421KRBBS-PC 17.5b-Wide Area BETA Release.Wide-Area-BETA UPDATE
175b220t.zip66KRBBS-PC 17.5b-Wide Area BETA Release.Wide-Area-BETA UPDATE
175b220u.zip452KRBBS-PC 17.5b-Wide Area BETA Release.Wide-Area-BETA UPDATE
175b220x.zip238KRBBS-PC 17.5b-Wide Area BETA Release.Wide-Area-BETA UPDATE
4dosck.zip18KMerge to add 4DOS check into RBBS BUSIMODS(STUNY).
ad2qwk9b.zip42K42879 08-20-92 Adds personal downloads to qwk packets.
adopt42.zip74K75491 09-29-91 Adopt-a-door for RBBS-PC BBS
alia173c.zip44K44716 12-18-91 RBBS merges for alias's in messages.
allmkr4.zip83KALLMKR 4.0 RBBS AllFiles List Creator The complete Allfile
ansc174.zip14K14458 07-13-92 Split screen ANSI Chat for RBBS 17.4.
ansi173c.zip2,956B2956 02-27-92 AUTO-ANSI DETECT For RBBS-PC 17.3C This merg
auto11a.zip39KAutomatically upgrade RBBS-PC callers, v1.1a
badpassw.zip1,981B1981 08-13-92 RBBS 17.4 Merge, add info about forgotten |
bbsmenus.zip20K20837 12-29-92 RBBS/PCBoard Color Menus
bc-ntke1.zip6,641B6641 06-25-92 BC-NoTurboKeysMerge - a set of merges that |
bi2_node.zip4,395Bfor using Bimodem on a multi-node RBBS
bilink15.arc74KBIMODEM on RBBS using doors
bipatch2.arc3,118Bon installing BIMODEM v1.20 into RBBS-PC
bled22.zip81KBatch-oriented line editor. Input from files
bm0406_a.zip599KBusiMod (tm) mod package for RBBS v17.4 dated 04/06/94. Co
bm0406_b.zip610KBusiMod (tm) mods dated 04/06/94 - executables for 80286 m
bm0406_c.zip390KBusiMod (tm) mods dated 04/06/94 - executables for 8088 ma
bmbeta15.zip340KPlug and play replacement for Busimods 286+ .EXE dated 040
bshow101.zip48K48846 05-24-92 Freeware bbs file viewer page, search, more
bu174v57.zip50KMerge for RBBS v17.4A/031293 to permit batch uploading and
callers2.zip54KQuick and easy Caller Log Analyzer-for RBBSPC you can use
calllog.arc52KDelete oldest part of RBBS callers log
calprn.zip36KAutomatically prune RBBS callers file by date
calrz11.zip35K35755 05-22-92 Off-line callers file reader for RBBS-PC.
cb101a.zip34K35280 11-13-92 Eric's CallBack Verification System for | R
cdbn9404.zip331KThe Official Cellar Door Mods for RBBS v17.4 This file con
cdcp9405.zip341KThe Official Cellar Door Mods for RBBS v17.4 The CDor mods
cdcp9406.zip342KThe Official Cellar Door Mods for RBBS v17.4 The CDor mods
cdcv9405.zip351KThe Official Cellar Door Mods for RBBS v17.4 The CDor mods
cdcv9406.zip352KThe Official Cellar Door Mods for RBBS v17.4 The CDor mods
cddoz10.zip6,709BCellar Door to .DOZ 1.0 This program uses the previously e
cddraw11.zip42KCDor BullDraw v1.1! ### Create display files for the CDor
cdev9405.zip352KThe Official Cellar Door Mods for RBBS v17.4 The CDor mods
cdex9406.zip344KThe Official Cellar Door Mods for RBBS v17.4 The CDor mods
cdor0811.zip697K713558 08-11-93 Cellar Door for RBBS v17.4 The CDor mods |
cdor9405.zip622KThe Official Cellar Door Mods for RBBS v17.4 The CDor mods
cdsp9405.zip745KThe Official Cellar Door Mods for RBBS v17.4 Supplemental
chtdr403.arc56KChat DOOR v. 4.03
cnvdir.zip34KConvert directories to FMS in RBBS
cvtfms.zip36KRBBS Convert standard PCB file.bbs to FMS
dcrd100.zip9,493B9493 01-18-93 RBBS 17.4 mod to allow Doors to log off | ca
dirchk2.zip18KCheck RBBS FMS directory against DOS directory
dirmake.zip40KSysop's directory maker for RBBS-PC v17.xx
dizdir10.zip24KDizFind v1.00 - shareware $5 - For RBBS-PC. This program i
dmenu400.zip33KDIRMENU v2.0 RBBS/CDOOR DIR.DIR Menu Creator Simply a Upda
dragblok.zip4,724B4724 08-22-91 Merge for RBBS. Blocks conf on users.
dv_guard.zip7,843Butility for running RBBS with DV
dvrbbs2.zip6,806BRecommended DESQview settings for RBBS-PC
echolist.zip20K20726 10-06-91 RBBS-net echolist
edit174.zip9,321B9321 07-05-92 ANSIed edit/etog merges for RBBS 17.4a/0704.
farcl21b.zip23KRBBS Archive listing utility 4 files - New:11-21-1993 Old:
fdndoc.zip4,035BRBBS-PC File Distribution Network FAQ'S and How-To Documen
filmsg21.zip36KFILEMSG V2.1 New Files anouncer FIleMsg will scan a given
fixmsg13.zip34KRBBS-PC message bases, version 1.3
flup135.zip36K36560 04-07-93 FMSFLUP v1.35; RBBS-PC FMS Files List Entry
fms-103.zip164K168028 05-13-92 Latest version of an offline catalogue | g
fms2pcb.zip9,678B9678 09-09-91 Convert your RBBS File Management System | M
fmsffs31.zip171KFMSFFS v3.1 RBBS RBBS/CDOR FMS/FFS Processor The FMS and F
fmsfmt10.zip119KRBBS-PC utility merge/reformat FMS dirs. Merge new file li
fmsud204.zip32K32382 11-16-91 FMS UpDate Ver 2.04 for RBBS-PC
fmsvw101.zip12KFMSVW - RBBS FMS file viewer utility v1.00 FMSVW RBBS SysO
fmv120.zip22KFMSVER v1.20 - Verify filenames and file sizes in RBBS-PC
gc101_1.zip178KConference/mail door for RBBS systems (1 of 3)
gc101_2.zip159KConference/mail door for RBBS systems (2 of 3)
gc101_3.zip83KConference/mail door for RBBS systems (3 of 3)
gc_desc.zip4,425BDescribes GC101 conference/mail door for RBBS
givebk41.zip6,360BGIVEBK41 - (beta) - updated version of GIVEBK (v4.1) for l
hjkfms13.arc168KFMS directory utility from Holland
hotunz13.zip50K51361 04-29-93 HOTlist v1.3; Creates a list of hottest and
hyperhow.zip2,885Bup HyperProtocol with RBBS-PC
jimmer13.zip123K126218 05-12-91 Jimmer 1.3, RBBS .QWK mail door.
jimmer15.zip123KJIMMER 1.5. The .QWK mail DOOR for RBBS.
laston13.zip46K46804 11-04-91 CALR2TXT; RBBS Callers to Text Conversion
lastusr.arc33KCreates simple log of RBBS-PC callers
listmsg2.zip31KRBBS-PC message base while in DOS
lrfs10.zip3,186BLOOPRFS (LOOP RIP file search) v. 1.0. Nifty little merge
lstcal13.zip44KRBBS caller log several ways
mapl0301.zip322K329820 03-01-93 Maple Merges; Allows Message lines to 199
mapl0829.zip395KUpdate to Maple Merge 0801 BASE Allows Message lines to 19
mapl1223.zip192K196834 12-23-92 Maple Street Merges - a collection of merg
master30.arc67Kcatagorized list of Master.dir
menu0ans.zip5,849BAnsi Menus of Menu0 for RBBS PcINFOMATICS.BBS.(216)944-563
mfix0709.zip10K10203 07-09-92 create the Maple version from STOCK 17.4 co
mfix402.zip32K32947 08-23-93 MAILFIX v4.02 - Purge/repair/re-size/renumb
mfix433.zip37KMAILFIX v4.33 Message base maintenance utility for RBBS-PC
mmgr23.zip177K181566 03-30-92 RBBS Manager v2.3. Menu driven.
mmngr134.zip185K189035 05-29-92 QWK-compatible mail door for RBBS-PC
mmrg13.zip109KMailManager Report Generator v1.3 Tracks use of bbs messag
msgtos2b.zip427K437067 03-05-92 MSGTOSS is a comprehensive, highly | confi
mv_line.arc9,848BMove lines between BBS directory files (w/C)
newdir11.zip36K37219 11-06-91 NewDirectory v1.1; DOS Directory Renaming |
nm_113.zip10K10646 01-04-91 Sysop echomail control utility for RBBS-PC.
nosn101.zip73K75215 02-13-93 NoSnail 1.01; Netmail for RBBS-PC. Adds | o
nosn117.zip40KNoSnail 1.17 - Netmail for RBBS-PC Adds outbound routed ne
nosncfg.zip1,506BSample NOSNAIL.CFG for NoSnail 1.10
nosnfd.zip1,845BSample NOSNAIL.CFG for Frontdoor users
nosntxt.zip886BSample NOSNAIL.TXT for NoSnail 1.10
nstdirq2.zip15Kto use non standard IRQ lines with RBBS
nullmodm.zip1,944Bto test RBBS-PC using a null modem cable
pbmman.zip36K37098 09-02-91 Play by mail game file manager for RBBS.
peekr174.zip2,800B2800 09-01-92 Add ANSI capability to Mark Kimes Peeker and
pgvw173c.zip12K12072 12-15-91 RBBS source code mods for chat door.
preusr40.zip143K146849 01-12-93 The Ultimate screen maker to display user
proedit.arc81KRBBS PROTO.DEF editor, sort, add, etc.
pu173.arc105KCvt RBBS USERS log to ASCII & comma delimited
qb4nrbbs.arc787Bon compiling RBBS with Quick Basic 4
qes30.zip56KSummarizes results of RBBS-PC questionaires
qwkspc11.zip9,199B9199 08-17-91 QWK mail format: Collected information | enc
r2dbf121.zip32K32516 05-31-92 Convert v1.21; Writes a .DBF from RBBS user
r386_997.zip146KRBBSMail/386 .997 (wide beta) Fidonet Echomail Processor
rbbs-asm.zip64KRBBS-PC, r17.4 package. This file contains the ASSEMBLER s
rbbs-bas.zip271KRBBS-PC, r17.4 package. This file contains the BASIC sourc
rbbs-doc.zip254KRBBS-PC, r17.4 package. This file contains the RBBS-PC doc
rbbs-exe.zip331KRBBS-PC, r17.4 package. This file contains the RBBS-PC exe
rbbs-ext.zip66KRBBS-PC, r17.4 package. This file contains the external pr
rbbs-smf.zip191KRBBS-PC, r17.4 package. This file containsthe "Small & Fas
rbbs-txt.zip123KRBBS-PC, r17.4 package. This file contains text files RBBS
rbbs-uti.zip51KUTI drivers for RBBS
rbbs-utl.zip254KRBBS-PC, r17.4 package. This file contains optional utilit
rbbs174.zip18K18910 06-23-92 RBBS 17.4. A collection of text files that
rbbs_dv2.zip10Kand hints for using RBBS under DESQview
rbbs_fms.zip47KFMS utility to view MASTER.DIR
rbbs_lan.zip62KMultiple nodes of RBBS under LANtastic
rbbs_smf.zip184K188765 09-01-91 Contains the "Small & Fast" version of | R
rbbs_tut.zip33Ktutorial for RBBS-PC v17.3
rbbscolo.zip146K149168 07-05-91 Let users d/l file from Col. tape drive. R
rbbsconn.zip4,971B4971 10-03-91 RBBSCONN v1.0; Mod to the RBBS code to allow
rbbsdoor.arc40KDoor preprocessor
rbbsfido.zip53KDetailed setup info for Fidonet & RBBS-PC. (Version 3, 3/1
rbbsmgr2.zip171K174900 09-24-91 RBBS Manager v2.0. The complete utility fo
rbbspuma.zip470BPUMA protocol to RBBS-PC Proto.Def
rbbsta98.zip113K115942 11-12-91 RBBS-PC total access callback door
rbbsv101.zip247K252809 07-20-93 RBBS-Verify v1.01; Superior Callback | Ver
rbq403.zip143K146932 07-25-92 RBBS Quote of the day for ANY BBS program
rbs173c7.zip86K87876 11-01-91 RBBS-PC v17.3 Text, menus, help files.
rbtch151.zip75K1.51, RBBS Batch uploading interface
rbtch176.zip124KRBatch 1.76 - RBBS Batch Uploading Interface. RBatch also
rbtch230.zip257K263240 07-24-93 RBatch v2.3; RBBS Batch Uploading, HS/Link
rbtch242.zip244KRBatch 2.42 - RBBS Batch Uploading, HS/Link, and BiModem I
rbzch176.zip123K125905 06-18-92 RBBS PC batch uploading, HS/Link and Bimod
rchat300.zip27Kbetween RBBS-PC 17.3a nodes without doors
rdsd-110.zip9,458BRBBS DoorSys 1.10 [DOS] dorinfox.def -> door.sys Get onboa
rdso-110.zip13KRBBS DoorSys 1.10 [OS/2] dorinfox.def -> door.sys Get onbo
reg_rbbs.zip3,766B3766 09-01-91 Information for the US BBS List and RBBS-PC
regv31.zip134KRBBS XNSReg Credit card registration door
rehash13.zip40K40657 11-04-91 REHASH v1.30; small RBBS utility for packin
rfix0704.zip26K26696 07-05-92 Merges to upgrade RBBS 17.4 to 17.4a/0704.
rfms20.zip48KDisplays RBBS-PC FMS directory from DOS
rhrh100.zip9,793BRBBS Hack Report Helper v1.00,
rmail182.zip98K100173 09-17-92 RBBSMail, the RBBS-PC Echomail Processor |
rmvsmrt1.zip27KRMVSMRT v1.1 Command line SmartText Remover Program remove
rnode10.zip9,649B9649 09-23-92 RNODE Version 1.0 - 09/25/92 Utility for use
rs_rbbs.zip2,192B2192 03-05-92 RBBSROBO.RS is a file transfer script for |
rstat25.zip59KRBBS Stats/Call Log v2.5### The ULTIMATE CDor RBBS BBS cal
rtfdc110.zip25K25428 04-20-93 RBBS Turbo FMS Dupe Checker (RTFDC) v1.10 |
rtmbp310.zip108KRBBS Turbo Message Base Packer v3.10: Message and USER Mai
rtuti101.zip63KRBBS 'Turbo' UTI Rev 2.01 Ver 1.01 Universal Text Interfac
rudmu20b.zip42KRUDMU is a utility designed to operate with RBBS-PC to aut
s3desq.zip11K11007 02-03-91 Info on setting up RBBS-PC with DesqView.
set_in15.zip22KSETTING 1.5 - The settings for FD2.12 SW, RBBS-PC 17.4a an
sfmsl_30.zip64KFMS lister makes sorted list of BBS files
shsmrt10.zip12KSHOWSMRT V1.0 - ShowSmart is a program that will read an i
si174v10.zip9,778B9778 01-31-93 SIN174 - Merge for RBBS v17.4 to display the
sms2lib.zip138KFiles required to provide RBBS FMS directory support for t
sortfms3.zip39Knew uploads to their RBBS-PC directories
stunyasm.zip72KRBBS Modification of .ASM from Stunny Mods
sx503r1.zip582KSilver Xpress QWK and OPX Mail Door V5.03 from Santronics
tag160.zip74K76041 03-02-92 Tagfile v1.60: Batch upload mgt util for |
tccb109.zip71K72213 12-13-91 RBBS callback door, Highly configurable.
testdir9.zip13KRBBS-PC directory against disk files
textdoor.arc14Kdoor to read files in an ARC File
tfms110.zip41K42237 09-06-92 TFMS110.ZIP Turbo FMS Lister v1.10. Great N
ticrb127.zip121KTicToss for RBBS-PC, v1.27 *BETA*
tlp_ufe2.arc28Kuser file editor and batch modifier
tmkffs17.zip54K55219 10-21-91 RBBS utility. Build fidx/lidx files.
tosspd.zip45K46087 12-16-92 RBBS QWK Mail TOSSER. This is public domain
tqm102.zip93KRBBS Tom Collins Quick Mail Door v1.02 .QDK
tqm112.zip146K149428 08-14-92 TQM v1.12; The QWK Mail Door for RBBS-PC
tutorial.arc37Kv17.3 Online Tutorial
ugly174.zip87K88686 07-05-92 The UGLY Merges Set of merges for RBBS-PC |
updn71b.zip117K120287 09-11-91 UpDn v7.1; The Ultimate Bulletin Maker for
usr_ed16.zip73Kfile editor for RBBS 17-1A through 17-3
usrchk17.zip71Kcall back verification util. for RBBS-PC
werdv1.zip3,964BDESQview settings for BinkleyTerm/RBBS-PC
whoup110.zip33K33369 09-20-91 Whoup v1.0; RBBS utility that will give | r
wuw16.zip33KWho uploaded what? - Utility for RBBS sysops