File Libaries
Library: BBS - Directory: BBS - Opus
arkalog.zip11K12255 05-11-91 Opus util: create name-dated archives of | files.
availist.zip42K43567 01-04-93 Make Master File Lists for Opus. Includes | Turbo Pascal Source Code
base_ctl.zip5,478BBBS CTL file
bonk_174.zip119K122476 01-27-92 The Opus CBCS System Manager v1.74; Bonk is | subset of Oman (an integral part of the Opus | CBCS system) and is a utility that a | BinkleyTerm operator might use to maintain | the outbound mail area or to make adjustments
bw101_op.zip164K168187 10-30-91 BlueWave Mail Door V1.10 For OPUS BBS.
drlk223a.arc156KOPUS 1.03b to run all doors
drmo_140.zip54K55693 02-10-93 DRM-OPUS v1.40; Pioneer DRM-600/610 CD-ROM | Changer Interface Program for Opus 1.7x | multi-line BBS
edsys03.zip14K14939 01-04-93 Edit SYSTEM?.BBS File for Opus/Fido.
espsysop.zip44K45501 01-04-93 ESPSYSOP v1.3; Designed to do maintenance on | the OPUS or FIDO bulletin board systems | USER.BBS file.
fchk100.zip16K17121 01-04-93 Phone Check; Telephone Check Utility for Opus
flx112.zip16K16748 06-22-91 FILEX v1.12; program designed to facilitate | the maintenance of file areas on Opus | v1.0x ,1.1x and other compatible BBSes. It | was written to be used with a companion | utility, a file area management program | called VersaFAM.
fv108.zip2,911B2911 01-04-93 Multi-ARChive File Viewer for OPUS.
fview610.zip32K33268 01-04-93 View Most ARChive Formats From Within Opus.
fview620.arc47Kcompressed files on OPUS BBS's 1of2
fvsrc620.arc53Kcompressed files on OPUS BBS's 2of2
glast201.arc9,890BEcho areas and creates ECHOMAIL.OUT
ld112q.zip21K22322 01-04-93 LHARC Viewer and LHZ/PAK/ARC Door for Opus1.0
lgit101b.zip46K47762 02-20-93 LOGIT v1.01b; A program that keeps track of | the number of times a message area is | accessed. It does this by reading not only | the Opus log but also the logs of a couple of | the more popular off line mail readers. | Xpress, and Blue Wave. With this information, | you as a SysOp are able to tailor the Echo | Mail message areas you carry to that of the | interest of your users.
mailchek.zip51K52252 01-04-93 Mail checking Program for OPUS.
merc111i.zip140K144291 12-13-92 Opus/QBBS/Squish message editor
mouti21b.zip97KUTI drivers for Opus for PostLink/PC-Relay
msgcpy11.zip30K31357 10-12-91 Save echomail addressed to local users. Opus | 1.70 & Fido V12.
nmkrd201.zip67K68966 12-28-91 Opus Message kit reader and qwk reader v2.10
oaswap01.zip17K17530 04-22-91 Opus util: swap 1.1x msg/file areas | separately.
obank200.zip78K79965 10-19-92 Time Banking utility for Opus 1.7+. 10/19/92.
obul_003.zip48K50073 04-18-91 OBUL; Gives Opus Systems the ability to | generate a bulletin menu which is specific to | the current user.
ocat9107.zip2,321B2321 07-24-91 Opus bbs catalog of amazing things (info | only).
ocbv135.zip36K36890 01-15-91 The Opus Call Back Verifier For Opus-CBCS, | QBBS, RemoteAccess, Fido v12, Maximus-CBCS
ocdfam1.zip19KOCDFAM for OPUS v1.01; Can be used to create the directories on your hard disk to contain the FILES.BBS files which OFARE will use to add the CD-ROM files to your Opus files database.
ochat170.zip59K60602 09-12-91 The Ultimate Opus 1.7+ chatter.
oevent81.zip24K25295 01-27-91 OPUS EVENT muncher v8.0; Use With OPUS 1.10 | with its extended scheduling commands.
oexe_171.zip176K180276 07-27-91 Opus v1.71; EXE update
ofam099j.zip189K194325 07-26-92 opus-fam v99.J; Import file descriptions; | View contents of ARJ files; Move or copy | files to a different area and more
ofam_095.zip119Kfile area manager
ofare19.zip36K37238 11-02-91 Opus 1.70 File Area REindexer
ofree11.zip11K12255 07-18-92 Opus online disk space monitor.
ofu104.zip41K42634 07-24-93 Opus Filename Updater: Contains OFU.EXE (the | DOS ver) and OFUP.EXE (the OS/2 ver). OFU | allows you to automatically change filenames | within the Opus Files Database via a | command-line interface. This program should | be very handy for those that do automatic | virus scanning of newly uploaded files, | archive conversion, or when converting | archives to a different format.
ofu105.zip50KOpus Filename Updater for the Opus CBCS v1.7+ Files Database by Kevin Silcox
ohslk20b.zip12K13287 07-21-92 Opus 1.7x Hslink Interface (V2.0b).
omail_41.zip33K34711 02-06-91 OMAIL v3.2; Command-line driven program that | creates the necessary files to do a variety | of FidoNet mail services, primarily those | handling files through Net Mail, sending and | receiving files.
omake171.zip330K338440 07-24-91 Opus Computer Based Communications System | Conversion Manual
oman_174.zip262K269244 01-27-92 OPUSv1.7x System: oMan v1.74 - The Opus | System Manager.
ommm_170.zip89K91265 07-09-91 The Opus Matrix Message Masher; For use with | Opus CBCS Processes, compresses, routes and | sends mail according to operator | specifications.
opars100.zip88Kutil: Version 7 Nodelist Processor
opars102.zip88K90989 08-11-91 Opus Nodelist parser. Lots of bugs fixed.
opdsz11.zip17K17884 01-23-92 Opus 1.7x DSZ/GSZ protocol setup.
opdsz20b.zip18K18938 07-21-92 Opus 1.7x DSZ/GSZ interface (v2.0b).
opfm106.zip34K35384 10-20-92 Opus parameter file manager for Opus 1.7+. | 10/20/92.
opie_171.zip42K43197 07-28-91 oPIE v1.71; Opus Parameter Inspector and | Editor
oplkit14.zip25K26305 10-26-91 Opus Language Kit (USL <-> ASCII conversion).
oplog.zip45K46989 01-29-92 Add comments to your Opus/Binkley style logs.
opriv0.zip12K12296 01-04-93 An Editor for All Opus 1.03 *.PRIV.BBS Files.
opus17ge.zip75K77544 10-20-91 German language files for Opus 1.7x.
ortuu102.zip30K31666 11-07-91 Opus real time user updater v1.02. For Opus | 1.7x only.
osom_170.zip137K140722 07-14-91 Opus Computer-Based Conversation System | Systems operation manual v1.7
ostruct.zip12K12581 01-04-93 The C Source Code for the Structure of Opus1.
otec_170.zip107K110142 07-11-91 Opus Computer-Based Conversation System | Technical reference v1.7
otos.zip21K21683 06-13-91 O_TO_S; Opus 1.1x to Simplex 1.0x User | Database Converter. Includes C Source
oufm140.zip77K79624 10-18-92 Opus user file manager for Opus 1.7+. Fixes | multitasking problems.
oufp109.zip25K25926 01-01-93 Latest Opus user file purger. Fixes space | problem. 01/01/93.
ouser170.zip51K52417 10-07-91 Opus-CBCS v1.7 User Manual
o_qwk10.zip81KQwk mail door for Opus 1.7+.
o_ren171.zip38K39065 08-05-91 A message area renumber/killer for OPUS 1.1x | command-line driven and can create, maintain | and use a parameter data file (RENUM.DAT) to | make repeated renumber operations of the same | area easier from day to day.
phon3032.zip65K67241 10-28-92 Latest multiline chat BETA for use with Opus. | 10/28/92.
setuser.zip17K17761 10-14-91 Give to all Opus USERS with a given | Privilege, the desired Netmail balance or | Reset the User's privilege instead ot their | balance
sfa.zip13K13398 10-14-91 SFA (for Opus 1.7x or above); Change the | privilege for all files (or someone) in a | desired file Area.
sfued112.zip83K85893 01-09-93 StormFront User Editor for the Opus CBCS
sfued117.zip77KStormFront User Editor for Opus 1.7+ written by Kevin Silcox
top10.zip22K22840 10-01-91 TOP10 v0.04; Top10 Files DL Lister for Opus
unconx74.zip14KOpus Files Database UNCONverter makes old-style FILES.BBS for Opus 1.73a.
util170.zip135K138773 07-12-91 Utilities for OPUS BBS; PTIC pre-processor | for TICK or FLEA, CONFILE for converting | Files.bbs to database, OFARE file database | re-indexer.
whos101.zip18K19250 07-08-93 Who's On v1.01; WhosON displays a list of | callers in the various nodes of a multi-line | Opus 1.7x BBS. Its output is a little nicer | than the built in "Who's On" function.
wink110.zip117K120801 12-06-92 QWK as a Wink - a door for the OPUS CBCS. | Provides users access to messages using the | QWK mail format.