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bankdepo.zip1,932BKBBS v2.00V+ Sample SEQ ----------------------- Deposits time/bytes in the bank.
bankloan.zip2,138BKBBS v2.00V+ Sample SEQ ----------------------- Borrow time/bytes from the bank.
bankpaym.zip1,829BKBBS v2.00V+ Sample SEQ ----------------------- Make a payment on an outstanding time/byte loan.
bankwith.zip1,862BKBBS v2.00V+ Sample SEQ ----------------------- Withdraw time/bytes from the bank.
callback.zip3,668BKBBS v2.00V+ Sample SEQ ----------------------- The default callback verifier.
callhang.zip5,031BModifications to the CALLBACK.SEQ to hangup on a user that refuses to perform a callback verification. by Mac Saum.
chkmail2.zip23KCHECKMAIL utility for finding if there are problems in the KBBS Message files. This is version 2, fixing the SHARE problem on non-OS/2 machines. (We forgot to test the first release on any DOS machines.)
chkname.zip1,470BKBBS v2.00V+ Sample SEQ ----------------------- This SEQ is used to force users that logged in with a single name to enter it again using both their first and last names.
cidtsr11.zip5,439BCALLERID v.1.1 -- a TSR that writes the Caller I.D. information from the modem to a text file. For use with KBBS, or any BBS that has a script language and can read an external text file. Freeware.
comments.zip1,069BKBBS v2.00V+ Sample SEQ ----------------------- Comments to the SysOp
confcomm.zip1,143BKBBS v2.00V+ Sample SEQ ----------------------- Comments to conference moderator or sysop.
editor.zip3,703BKBBS v2.00V+ Sample SEQ ----------------------- The message editor SEQ. Prompts for the message TO/From/Subject/ Conference/etc information and edits the message.
entermes.zip1,741BKBBS v2.00V+ Sample SEQ ----------------------- Prompts for the destination user and performs a list/soundex search before launching the EDITOR.SEQ.
feedback.zip1,478BKBBS v2.00V+ Sample SEQ ----------------------- Force new users to leave a message to the SysOp (may be modified to leave a message to ALL) at login.
flaghes.zip1,085BKBBS v2.00V+ Sample SEQ ----------------------- A sample of flagging files for download with a SEQ.
flagkbbs.zip1,176BKBBS v2.00V+ Sample SEQ ----------------------- A sample of flagging files for download within a SEQ.
getqwk.zip903BKBBS v2.00V+ Sample SEQ ----------------------- The SEQ equivilent for the command line IMPORT utility for importing a Net QWK.
goodbye.zip1,398BKBBS v2.00V+ Sample SEQ ----------------------- The default GOODBYE Command Sequence.
guest.zip2,511BKBBS v2.00V+ Sample SEQ ----------------------- How to setup a generic user account such as "GUEST" and still prompt the user for their real name and info.
hdsrun.zip2,405B{COMMO} Scripted Mailrun package for KBBS does a QWKCRASH run on KBBS nodes. See DOC, editing required. From HD's BBS
hes.zip3,615BKBBS v2.00V+ Sample SEQ ----------------------- A sample modification of the ONLINE.SEQ to illustrate the use of dynamic menus outside of the Menu Tree.
i16slice.zip837BINTERRUPT 16 SLICER - Freeware by Anderson Research, Inc. Load this TSR in your OS/2 2.1+ DOS sessions to help release idle time from non-OS/2 aware programs. This works especially well with Borland's IDE and other word processors that continuously poll DOS Interrupt 16h for key activity.
kbbs20y1.zip220KKBBS v2.00Y. File 1 of 4 --------------------------------------- The most powerful and customizable BBS in the world. This is currently the fastest growing BBS software in the U.S. and Europe. --------------------------------------- Note: v2.00Y is v2.00W with bugs fixed ------ fully functional shareware ----- TOO many features to list here: - Built-in thread level multitasking - Includes source code and compiler for complete customization - Local RIP console, - A tree structure for o
kbbs20y2.zip297KKBBS/SHAREWARE v2.00Y. [2 of 4]: Has a MUCH improved files section, faster utilities, the best CD-ROM support of any BBS software, unlimited nested subjects for your files. Built in upload processor. Support for several drop file types, and unlimited customization using the built in programming language. Supports 32700 conferences, unlimited nested subjects for organizing them, built in QWK mail support, Fidonet support soon available, built-in compression to save hard drive space. NO EXTRA CH
kbbs20y3.zip290KKBBS/SHAREWARE v2.00Y. [3 of 4]: This is the most customizable BBS: - you define what you want on the call waiting/status screens; you define the sysop function keys; you can structure the BBS any way you want THE FOLLOWING WILL BE FREE UPGRADES FROM THIS VERSION IN A FUTURE RELEASE: - FTS (Fidonet) support, including the scanner&mailer&tosser all in one. UUCP (Internet) - Multi language support. OS/2 version coming this year
kbbs20y4.zip293KKBBS/SHAREWARE v2.00Y. File 4 of 4 ---------------------- Registration is only $129 for all versions 2.XX for both DOS and the upcoming version for OS/2. Very personalized Email technical support. You can talk to the authors and they listen to your suggestions. ---------------------------------------- IT'S WORTH A LOOK! DOWNLOAD THIS TODAY!
kbbs2z06.zip578KKBBS v2.00Z.06, pre-release This version fixes a bug in Z.05 that aborts the QWKCrash REP import before completion. see the UPDATES.DOC for details. YOU SHOULD GET THIS!
kbbsengn.zip297KKBBS English Normal spelling dictionary, 70,000 words. Place this in your dictionary path to activate spell checking in all KBBS editors.
kbbsengu.zip783KKBBS English Unabridged spelling dictionary, 320,000 words. Place this in your dictionary path to activate spell checking in all KBBS editors.
kbbsnewf.zip1,412BKBBS v2.00V+ Sample SEQ ----------------------- The default New Files scan.
kbbsrob1.zip1,334BROBOCOMM,KBBS QWKCRASH SCRIPT v1.00 Robocomm v3.2 script for "QWKCRASH" Mail runs to a *KBBS* system, courtesy of ACTS 29: Online. File date 09/12/94.
kbbs_qm1.zip2,316BKBBS QMODEM "QWKCRASH" SCRIPT v1.0 QModem script to do "QWKCRASH" Mail runs to a KBBS System. File date 09/15/94. Courtesy of ACTS 29: Online.
kdel1.zip17KKILLDELETE, another 30 second utility by Anderson Research, the makers of KBBS. This delete utility overwrites before deleting files, making restoration of the files impossible. Used for security at ARI to clear floppy disks.
ksitelst.zip8,119BKBBS DISTRIBUTION SITE LIST --------------------------- A list of all Zone, Regional and Authorized distribution, Demonstration sites and support sites. Includes the Distribution site policy.
last20.zip1,232BKBBS v2.00V+ Sample SEQ ----------------------- Displays a list of the last 20 callers to the BBS.
lesstime.zip950BKBBS v2.00V+ Sample SEQ ----------------------- Used to program a SEQ function key, deducts five minutes from the current user's time.
listmess.zip1,674BKBBS v2.00V+ Sample SEQ ----------------------- The default SEQ to list messages in the current conference.
listpost.zip1,935BKBBS v2.00V+ Sample SEQ ----------------------- This SEQ may be used to post a list of messages in a selected conference. ARI uses this SEQ to post the TODO list in the ARI-KBBS conference once a week.
login.zip1,431BKBBS v2.00V+ Sample SEQ ----------------------- The default LOGIN process.
megalogi.zip1,442BKBBS v2.00V+ Sample SEQ ----------------------- A slight modification to the default LOGIN.SEQ, used on Megalopolis.
megamail.zip2,141BKBBS v2.00V+ Sample SEQ ----------------------- ARI's mail/distribution node modification of the ONLINE.SEQ. Prohibits any use of the BBS other than messages and KBBS downloads.
megamain.zip2,080BKBBS v2.00V+ Sample SEQ ----------------------- The ONLINE.SEQ with basic modifications used on Megalopolis.
mirror.zip2,233BKBBS v2.00V+ Sample SEQ ----------------------- The Magic Mirror SEQ. Users read the comments scratched on the mirror by others, then they can scratch their own comments.
mlpcall1.zip30K+-------------------------------------+ |##### MLPCALLS.SEQ #####| | FINALLY!!! A KBBS LAST XX CALLERS | | list that gives YOU some control | | over what is displayed and to whom. | | See to believe, you'll love it. :) | | From Jim Coleman [MLPNET] | +-------------------------------------+
moretime.zip861BKBBS v2.00V+ Sample SEQ ----------------------- Used to program a SEQ function key, this SEQ adds 5 minutes to the user's time.
newbulls.zip1,439BKBBS v2.00V+ Sample SEQ ----------------------- Initiates the new bulletin check.
newdoors.zip1,052BKBBS v2.00V+ Sample SEQ ----------------------- An optional way to notify users of new doors.
newfuncs.zip3,503BKBBS v2.00V+ Sample SEQ ----------------------- A sampling of some of the functions in the SEQ.
newmail.zip3,409BKBBS v2.00V+ Sample SEQ ----------------------- The default new message scan SEQ.
newusers.zip2,673BKBBS v2.00V+ Sample SEQ ----------------------- The New User Questionaire SEQ, executed when a new user logs in.
nextpers.zip895BKBBS v2.00V+ Sample SEQ ----------------------- Joins the next conference with personal mail waiting.
noisekey.zip1,235BKBBS v2.00V+ Sample SEQ ----------------------- Used to program a SEQ function key to transmit random noise to the user.
online.zip1,640BKBBS v2.00V+ Sample SEQ ----------------------- The default ONLINE.SEQ, the main body of the BBS.
pagesysp.zip1,397BKBBS v2.00V+ Sample SEQ ----------------------- The Default Page Sysop SEQ. The user must first enter a reason why they are paging.
password.zip1,420BKBBS v2.00V+ Sample SEQ ----------------------- Prompts the user for a new password and verifies it.
persloop.zip2,255BKBBS v2.00V+ Sample SEQ ----------------------- The personal mail reading SEQ.
persmail.zip1,480BKBBS v2.00V+ Sample SEQ ----------------------- Checks for new personal mail waiting, and prompt the user for read action.
personal.zip1,712BKBBS v2.00V+ Sample SEQ ----------------------- Personal settings default.
postlist.zip1,832BKBBS v2.00V+ Sample SEQ ----------------------- A sample SEQ to post a message to a text file list of users.
qcrash7.zip100KQWKCrasher, v1.07. A standalone program for quickly and reliably accessing KBBS QWKCrash QWK/REP mail. Give this to everyone that calls your KBBS system for mail. No scripts, no hassle, no worry. This version is improved to get through the new KBBS front end mailer even faster than before... shaves up to 7 seconds off connect time. Docs in English and French. GET THIS!
qctelix.zip3,548BKBBS QWKCRASH Script for Telix: Quite functional and fairly easy to set up.
qwkconfi.zip1,618BKBBS v2.00V+ Sample SEQ ----------------------- The edit screen to setup the QWK scan parameters.
qwkcrash.zip1,953BKBBS v2.00V+ Sample SEQ ----------------------- The standard QWKcrash SEQ.
rdoorsys.zip2,957BKBBS v2.00V+ Sample SEQ ----------------------- This SEQ allows you to read the DOOR.SYS back in after a door is executed, altering anything you want in the user record.
readmess.zip2,920BKBBS v2.00V+ Sample SEQ ----------------------- The default method for reading messages.
redneck.zip6,984BThe REDNECK Test! A SEQ program, for KBBS systems only, the source code is included. By Jeff Foxworthy. You might be more hick than you know!
setallpt.zip1,167BKBBS v2.00V+ Sample SEQ ----------------------- This SEQ allows a user to set the last read mail pointers in all conferences selected for QWK/read scans.
setlevel.zip966BKBBS v2.00V+ Sample SEQ ----------------------- Used for programming a SEQ function key, this allows the sysop to change a user's security level while online.
setmsptr.zip1,009BKBBS v2.00V+ Sample SEQ ----------------------- Sets the last read mail pointer in the current conference only.
slicechk.zip13KSLICE CHECK A utility to assist in the development of multitasker-aware programs. It runs in a background task and makes sounds when your application isn't giving up timeslices properly. Works with Desqview, OS/2, Windows and others.
timedown.zip901BKBBS v2.00V+ Sample SEQ ----------------------- Used to program a key to deduct 5 minutes from the current user's time, except this one doesn't hangup if the user has less than 5 minutes left.
upgrade.zip972BKBBS v2.00V+ Sample SEQ ----------------------- For programming a SEQ key, this is a QUICK method of upgrading a user to a pre-programmed security level.
waynes.zip2,992BKBBS v2.00V+ Sample SEQ ----------------------- Written by ARI for Wayne Labonte of Yankee Network BBS (603-788-2251). Certain new users are automatically upgraded on their first call.
wctseq.zip3,638BMake a colorized Bulletin of Today's Callers! The enclosed SEQ files will allow you to generate a bulletin of all the day's callers, similar to the operation of BoardWalk Software's "Who Called Today" program for Wildcat. Be sure to read README.WCT for instructions of how to implement.
writeme1.zip19K+-------------------------------------+ |##### WRITEME.EXE #####| | From Jim Coleman, author of SHAKER, | | QUAKE, INSMESS and more! FREEWARE!! | | KBBS Writing Room allows you & your | | callers to create stories online!!! | | From Jim Coleman [MLPNET] | +-------------------------------------+