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bankdepo.zip1,932BKBBS v2.00V+ Sample SEQ - Deposits time/bytes in the bank.
bankloan.zip2,138BKBBS v2.00V+ Sample SEQ - Borrow time/bytes from the bank.
bankpaym.zip1,829BKBBS v2.00V+ Sample SEQ - Make a payment on an outstanding
bankwith.zip1,862BKBBS v2.00V+ Sample SEQ - Withdraw time/bytes from the ban
callback.zip3,668BKBBS v2.00V+ Sample SEQ - The default callback verifier.
callhang.zip5,031BModifications to the CALLBACK.SEQ to hangup on a user that
chkmail2.zip23KCHECKMAIL utility for finding if there are problems in the
chkname.zip1,470BKBBS v2.00V+ Sample SEQ - This SEQ is used to force users
cidtsr11.zip5,439BCALLERID v.1.1 - a TSR that writes the Caller I.D. informa
comments.zip1,069BKBBS v2.00V+ Sample SEQ - Comments to the SysOp
confcomm.zip1,143BKBBS v2.00V+ Sample SEQ - Comments to conference moderator
editor.zip3,703BKBBS v2.00V+ Sample SEQ - The message editor SEQ. Prompts
entermes.zip1,741BKBBS v2.00V+ Sample SEQ - Prompts for the destination user
feedback.zip1,478BKBBS v2.00V+ Sample SEQ - Force new users to leave a messa
flaghes.zip1,085BKBBS v2.00V+ Sample SEQ - A sample of flagging files for d
flagkbbs.zip1,176BKBBS v2.00V+ Sample SEQ - A sample of flagging files for d
getqwk.zip903BKBBS v2.00V+ Sample SEQ - The SEQ equivilent for the comma
goodbye.zip1,398BKBBS v2.00V+ Sample SEQ - The default GOODBYE Command Sequ
guest.zip2,511BKBBS v2.00V+ Sample SEQ - How to setup a generic user acco
hdsrun.zip2,405BCOMMO} Scripted Mailrun package for KBBS does a QWKCRASH r
hes.zip3,615BKBBS v2.00V+ Sample SEQ - A sample modification of the ONL
i16slice.zip837BINTERRUPT 16 SLICER - Freeware by Anderson Research, Inc.
kbbs20y1.zip220KKBBS v2.00Y. File 1 of 4 - The most powerful and customiza
kbbs20y2.zip298KKBBS/SHAREWARE v2.00Y. [2 of 4]: Has a MUCH improved files
kbbs20y3.zip291KKBBS/SHAREWARE v2.00Y. [3 of 4]: This is the most customiz
kbbs20y4.zip294KKBBS/SHAREWARE v2.00Y. File 4 of 4 - Registration is only
kbbs2z06.zip579KKBBS v2.00Z.06, pre-release This version fixes a bug in Z.
kbbs_qm1.zip2,316BKBBS QMODEM "QWKCRASH" SCRIPT v1.0 QModem script to do "QW
kbbsengn.zip297KKBBS English Normal spelling dictionary, 70,000 words. Pla
kbbsengu.zip784KKBBS English Unabridged spelling dictionary, 320,000 words
kbbsnewf.zip1,412BKBBS v2.00V+ Sample SEQ - The default New Files scan.
kbbsrob1.zip1,334BROBOCOMM,KBBS QWKCRASH SCRIPT v1.00 Robocomm v3.2 script f
kdel1.zip18KKILLDELETE, another 30 second utility by Anderson Research
ksitelst.zip8,119BKBBS DISTRIBUTION SITE LIST - A list of all Zone, Regional
last20.zip1,232BKBBS v2.00V+ Sample SEQ - Displays a list of the last 20 c
lesstime.zip950BKBBS v2.00V+ Sample SEQ - Used to program a SEQ function k
listmess.zip1,674BKBBS v2.00V+ Sample SEQ - The default SEQ to list messages
listpost.zip1,935BKBBS v2.00V+ Sample SEQ - This SEQ may be used to post a l
login.zip1,431BKBBS v2.00V+ Sample SEQ - The default LOGIN process.
megalogi.zip1,442BKBBS v2.00V+ Sample SEQ - A slight modification to the def
megamail.zip2,141BKBBS v2.00V+ Sample SEQ - ARI's mail/distribution node mod
megamain.zip2,080BKBBS v2.00V+ Sample SEQ - The ONLINE.SEQ with basic modifi
mirror.zip2,233BKBBS v2.00V+ Sample SEQ - The Magic Mirror SEQ. Users read
moretime.zip861BKBBS v2.00V+ Sample SEQ - Used to program a SEQ function k
newbulls.zip1,439BKBBS v2.00V+ Sample SEQ - Initiates the new bulletin check
newdoors.zip1,052BKBBS v2.00V+ Sample SEQ - An optional way to notify users
newfuncs.zip3,503BKBBS v2.00V+ Sample SEQ - A sampling of some of the functi
newmail.zip3,409BKBBS v2.00V+ Sample SEQ - The default new message scan SEQ
newusers.zip2,673BKBBS v2.00V+ Sample SEQ - The New User Questionaire SEQ, e
nextpers.zip895BKBBS v2.00V+ Sample SEQ - Joins the next conference with p
noisekey.zip1,235BKBBS v2.00V+ Sample SEQ - Used to program a SEQ function k
online.zip1,640BKBBS v2.00V+ Sample SEQ - The default ONLINE.SEQ, the main
pagesysp.zip1,397BKBBS v2.00V+ Sample SEQ - The Default Page Sysop SEQ. The
password.zip1,420BKBBS v2.00V+ Sample SEQ - Prompts the user for a new passw
persloop.zip2,255BKBBS v2.00V+ Sample SEQ - The personal mail reading SEQ.
persmail.zip1,480BKBBS v2.00V+ Sample SEQ - Checks for new personal mail wai
personal.zip1,712BKBBS v2.00V+ Sample SEQ - Personal settings default.
postlist.zip1,832BKBBS v2.00V+ Sample SEQ - A sample SEQ to post a message t
qcrash7.zip100KQWKCrasher, v1.07. A standalone program for quickly and re
qctelix.zip3,548BKBBS QWKCRASH Script for Telix: Quite functional and fairl
qwkconfi.zip1,618BKBBS v2.00V+ Sample SEQ - The edit screen to setup the QWK
qwkcrash.zip1,953BKBBS v2.00V+ Sample SEQ - The standard QWKcrash SEQ.
rdoorsys.zip2,957BKBBS v2.00V+ Sample SEQ - This SEQ allows you to read the
readmess.zip2,920BKBBS v2.00V+ Sample SEQ - The default method for reading m
redneck.zip6,984BThe REDNECK Test! A SEQ program, for KBBS systems only, th
setallpt.zip1,167BKBBS v2.00V+ Sample SEQ - This SEQ allows a user to set th
setlevel.zip966BKBBS v2.00V+ Sample SEQ - Used for programming a SEQ funct
setmsptr.zip1,009BKBBS v2.00V+ Sample SEQ - Sets the last read mail pointer
slicechk.zip14KSLICE CHECK A utility to assist in the development of mult
timedown.zip901BKBBS v2.00V+ Sample SEQ - Used to program a key to deduct
upgrade.zip972BKBBS v2.00V+ Sample SEQ - For programming a SEQ key, this
waynes.zip2,992BKBBS v2.00V+ Sample SEQ - Written by ARI for Wayne Labonte
wctseq.zip3,638BMake a colorized Bulletin of Today's Callers! The enclosed
writeme1.zip20KWRITEME.EXE ####| | From Jim Coleman, author of SHAKER, |