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0994son.zip11KSON-net =We are looking for some quality bbs'sto join SON-
1k-nnet.zip19KInformation packet on NIGHTNet! 10/94A friendly Internatio
4_alenet.zip4,709B4$ALENET(r) (FOR $ALE NETWORK).for SALE/BUY online informa
4cn0994b.zip20K4ColorNet Info. Packet 09/94. 4ColorNet is the hottest and
4cncbn_1.zip20KCBN/4CN Info. Packet 11/94. The twobest comic-related mail
accnet50.zip12KAccessNet | # # +-+ # #-# # Friendly netmail, in a class
acfn0195.zip9,010BAmerican Christian Family Network information packet. This
addnet20.zip6,659BAdds incoming netmail calls to your last callers list.
addqwk20.zip55KAdd Those QWK v2.0 September 1993 (C) COPYRIGHT by Steve M
addrep10.zip26KAdd Those REP v1.0 August 1993 (C) COPYRIGHT by Steve McGr
afdn.zip1,696BAble Files Distribution Network Description
afix431e.zip593KALLFIX v4.31 * Evaluation Version. ALLFIX is the most comp
afn1294.zip57KAgape Family Network Info Packet 12/94 Christian and Famil
altctrl2.zip15KCreates the CONTROL.ALT file supported by 1stReader versio
annx0294.zip21KTHE ANNEX INFORMATION PACKET as of 02/01/94. Not a compute
areafix.txt9,992B9992 04/10/21 AreaFix v1.10 user's guide for FidoNET nodes
arn_0295.zip62KAmateurRadio Net(sm) * February 1995 Information Pack If y
arnet024.zip3,801BARnet EchoMail Network Information Pack ARnet is an Amateu
asadnet.zip6,085BASADNET A new net coordinated by the Association Shareware
asn300.zip5,232BAmerican Sportsman Network ( A new Fido & .QWK based messa
atag103.zip31Kv1.03) AddTag, Add a tagline to your GoldEd TimEd, FrontDo
autompm.zip7,334BAUTOMAILpm 1.00 - Preextract QWK mail packets for your bes
autov1r.zip50KAuto Message V1R -> Includes support for 29 diffrent bbs t
baynet13.zip5,848BBayNet Information Packet Massachusetts based network. Eas
bfds_fls.zip11KBFDS: File listing of all files released
bgfxfd10.zip57KBGFAX2FD will read BGFAX's FAXIN.LOG and write a netmail m
bn101594.zip3,347BBITCHNet is a new QWK based netmail system based on total
bnp_600.zip54KBNP v6.00. The BinkleyTerm Netmail Packer. Many options.
bupdate.zip15KProgram required to patch Silver Xpress Programs
bwansi01.zip16KBWAnsi; for Any BBS That can generate a Door.Sys and Has a
c2c_1194.zip21KCity2City NetMail Service INFOPAK 10/94 NEW CENTRAL HUB an
calv0295.zip65KCalvaryNet! A Computer Network -+- | -+- of Calvary Chapel
cam_b141.zip78KCam-Mail v1.41 Upgrade. Requires 1.40
camtic11.zip144KCam-TIC v1.1. This is a TIC processor that we wrote to wor
candleap.zip20KCatholic Access Network - Deus Lumen Est!= Infomation on j
canet10.zip3,754BCarAudioNET - An echo for ### ### the car audio enthusiast
cap_9501.zip16KCAPLink is a computer oriented echomail | | network. This
caplnk93.zip8,719BCAPLink Mail Network This is the online application, node
cb_net1.zip63KCB!Net) A Net looking for BBS's to carry our conferences!
cbn0395.zip15KThe ComicBook Network |=- Info Packet 03/95 What was once
ccfn1094.zip32KChristNet Christian Fellowship Network-+ | Outreach of TBB
censor.zip13KCENSOR v1.00 - Allows the sysop to censor email messages o
cent9412.zip14KCentipede - Poetry, Literature, and You. This network serv
cfa-file.zip7,199BCrafting File Dist. Net Complete File Listing for HQ @ 1:2
cfb-file.zip8,270BCrafting File Dist. Net Complete File Listing for HQ @ 1:2
cfdnfile.zip23KALLFILES List For The Crafting File Distribu tion Network
channels.zip3,061BThis is the CHANNELS.NME file Just copy it over your old C
charro.zip5,368BNew Echo Mail network open to any BBS sysop handling QWK m
chkpc098.zip66KCheck PC v0.98: Dupe Checker/Mover/Deleter for Planet Conn
christ.zip5,878BChrist Connection Echo Mail. Complete SetUp, Doc's & Confi
chrnet12.zip9,659BCHRISTIAN NETWORKS LISTING v12.0 This listing is cur
cnt0294.zip5,634BCatNet (TM) QWK Network Application. This package contains
coe-mail.zip4,439BColorado E-Mail Network=-=-=-=- Colorado E-Mail Network is
comnet.zip4,619BJoin ComNet, the coolest RPG, Gaming,
compr320.zip79KCompress v3.2: Utility that will allow users of many diffe
con_net.zip8,219BCON_Net; dedicated to LIBERTY, 2nd AMENDMENT, 'Conspiracy'
convrt11.zip75K76633 03/27/21 to use Waffle's better UUCICO pgm
cp_217.zip176KcPoint - FidoNet point system package. Includes built-in c
crafttag.zip1,919BCraft-A-Holic Taglines for Offline Mail Readers
crnet001.zip39KCrazyNET Information Packet. Download it today!
cstnet12.zip25KCOASTNET! (QWK) VFAST SUPPORTING 28.8K v.FC"America's Loca
cvtqwk10.zip46KConvert that QWK v1.0 February 1994 (C) COPYRIGHT by Steve
cybr0993.zip6,569BCyberNet Node/Hub Application Form
db-synch.zip1,191BText file describing running D'Bridge with Synchronet.
db154env.zip1,301BDbridge 1.54 environmental variables.
db_154.zip843KLatest D'Bridge Fido Front End mailer. Version 1.54 has mu
dbhelp3.zip9,534BAnother help file for D'Bridge. This contains the RUNDB.BA
dbls201b.zip30KDBLogScan v2.01b; Written for the inquiring D'Bridge Sysop
dfrag220.zip65KDEFRAG 2.20 ------------| |-------------------------| |A W
dharma.zip38KDharmaNet Information/Application package
dnet56.zip17KSTOP * (View Me) Take me home! _THE_ Echomail Network has
dove-net.zip30KDOVE-Net: QWKnet Info, Node/Route/User List Everything you
dpmi110.zip50KProtected Mode Server or PMODE Xpress
drgn0294.zip12KDragoNet (02-01-94) #### ## SYSOPS: DOWNLOAD THIS FILE! ##
drmstp10.zip11KDreamSTRIPv1.0 Removes WWIV NET33+ routing info & taglines
dthv350.zip108KDTH - The Doctors Tagline Handler V3.50 Shareware version
dvn-inf.zip21KInfo on DVNet as of DEC 15 94
dvnet.zip6,830BDVNet Node List as of DEC 15 94
dwt101.zip123KDW_Tic v1.01 - A PCBoard FIDO .TIC processor - No more clu
eaglenet.zip2,809BT h e E a g l e N E T The EagleNET is a private echo betwe
echobase.zip2,814BAre you an EchoMail enthusiast? Then check out this fantas
echochek.zip34KECHOCHEK v1.0 - freeware to summarize an echo Scan an echo
echofun1.zip2,591BEcho Fun Version 1 By John Kleinbauer Short text file that
echorp12.zip21KEchoRep v1.2 Make a report from Telemail log file
eldat503.zip326KEchoList Raw Data Files (3/3/95)
elist503.zip478KEchoList Conference Reports (3/3/95)
elkey503.zip51KEchoList Area Tag and Key Tables (3/3/95)
elmod993.zip18KEchoList - The EchoMail Conference List
elrul503.zip359KEchoList Conference Rules Repository (3/3/95)
eltl10fw.zip24KELTLite 1.0fw * ELTamer Lite * Allows you to browse FIDONE
eltm_10.zip86KELTamer v1.0 * The EchoList Browser * Frustrated by that h
en0893.zip1,844BExpress Net; New Net in New Jersey Looking for new nodes.
enternet.zip1,866BEnterNet - New Entertainment specific QWK network
epubinfo.zip9,066BEPubNet Information Packet
espro_01.zip79KEchomail Statistics Professional 0.1b; (EchoStat) generate
export.zip3,849BA text file I wrote which describes step-by-step how to ex
f2r_106.zip20KF2READER - Fastecho area-config to msg-reader converter. v
f2squish.zip19KF2SQUISH FastEcho config to SQUISH.CFG converter v1.0 : In
f_bone.zip14KList of active echos, FidoNet Zone One Backbone
faxrx100.zip11KFAXRcvd v1.0: Creates a FAX cover message for FrontDoor ve
fbtrim01.zip35KFBTRIM v0.01: Utility for removing the date and size from
fd199c.zip505K517200 04/10/21 Front end Mailer
fd202.zip603K617521 04/10/21 of FrontDoor 2.02 Frontend mailer
fd212.zip639KFrontDoor 2.12/Shareware release archive. FidoNet compatib
fd220set.zip3,969BConfiguring FrontDoor to run a USR V.Everything modem and
fd_9402.zip7,233BFriends Network Mail Packet, FEB,1994"Come Join The Friend
fdbbs100.zip14KFD Last BBS Call Version 1.00 -+ | This utility (FDBBS) wi
fdca113.zip40KFDCA113 - FrontDoor Cost Accounting Version 1.13 allows sy
fddev202.zip39K39497 04/10/21 Kit 2.02
fdh_200.zip132KFDHist v2.00: FrontDoor History File Analysis Door. Allow
fdla101e.zip82KFrontDoor Log Analyzer v 1.01e
fdlogg11.zip2,170BFd Logger 1.1 , A quick, dirty and free utility to log tex
fdreq110.zip448KFDREQ v110, fast and smart external requestprocessor. FDRE
fdrn111.zip56KFDRN-FrontDoor Read Nodelist v1.11 (c) Peter Hampf & PBS,
fdsec199.arc28K28548 03/27/21 for BBS Front Door v1.99
fdsite.zip18KFDSite Version 1.00 -+ | This utility will allow you to ch
fdtn-003.zip15KFrontDoor Tech Note - USR HST/DS/V.32Terbo problems, confi
fdwcmnp3.zip22KFDWCMNP v2.1 For Users of Wildcat v3.x and FrontDoor v2.x.
fdwcwm22.zip140KSetup for Frontdoor v2.12 / WC!4 / WildMail v4.x with Fido
fecv151.zip192KFeConv 1.51 converts your fastecho-setup (1.41g) to RA/IM/
fet_142.zip87KFETool 1.42 - FastEcho value added tools
ffi_004.zip44Ksb| | # ## # #
fido.txt3,985B3985 04/10/21 Text: A very basic explanation of FidoNet
fido220x.zip54KSBBSFIDO v2.20 for 32-bit DOS (requires DOS4GW.EXE)
fido_212.zip146KSBBSFIDO v2.12 - Now notifies users of received echomail (
fido_ibm.lzh89K91607 03/27/21 Fido/FidoNet BBS v12r, 2of3
fidonet.zip16KList of active echos, Change Status - FidoNet Zone One Bac
fidoq125.zip281KFidoQWK v1.25 QWK<=>Fido echomail converter
fidost12.zip3,826BFidoNet North American Backbone Status of Echolist Confere
filebone.zip24KFido File Bone Files
fishapp.zip48KFishnet Application Package
fixp_0_3.zip6,030BFixPost 0.3 AutoPoster for XSH. Freeware
fl1_95.zip15KFlorida Link Network.Info v0.053 1/95. Int- ernational upd
flexpac4.zip122KPacket TNC software package. Shareware. Enhances the use o
flomsg15.zip19K19128 04/10/21 FrontDoor to change a .flo to .msg
flst120.zip61KFastlist v7 nodelist compiler
flyapp.zip64KFLYNET is the world's fastest growing aviation oriented ne
fmail10g.zip343KFMail v1.0 Gamma: The Fast Echomail processor for Hudson/J
fmlx_10g.zip424KFMailX 1.0gamma - Hudson/JAM 32-bit DPMI, 4096 areas
fmsort10.zip12KFM_SORT.EXE; The FMAIL v. 0.98a Message Area Sorting Utili
fn0894.zip3,536BFredNet Information * Here is information on the fastest g
fnet105.zip78Kv1.05) NetMail Packer/Scanner/Tracker for Systems using Bi
fnls112.zip45KFNLScan v1.12 - Fidonet NodeList Scan door Scans up to 15
fnodl295.zip724KThe FidoNet(r) NodeList, a listing of the systems within F
fox0395u.zip22KFoxNet Echomail Application \=- |#| |#|---|#| |#| Quality
fpbt22r1.zip107KFPBLT v2.21 - Fido Traffic Summary Bulletin Generator util
freqr100.zip319KFREQ ROBOT v1.00 Users can file request files from remote
frin0395.zip38KFringeNet Information Packet (3/1/95) +-+ | Come join the
frog1294.zip4,122BHave you been hopping around from BBS to BBS at all hours
fs5map.zip29KFS5Map viewer - views BGL files
fsc-0079.zip215KRich Text Format - a proposal for message form
fsit10d.zip89KFIDONET SEARCH-IT TEXT v1.0d Allows your users to browse t
fsn40102.zip7,594BFSNET =-# FOUNDATIONS IN SCIENCE NETWORK Electronics and E
ft4a_ibm.zip43K44101 03/27/21 V4a telecommunications pgm
ftsc_all.z43289K295469 03/27/21 specs (analogous to RFC's)
funpak.zip5,225BFUNnet Application and Info. # Includes everything you nee
fxif_0_6.zip10KFileXif 0.6 File Announcer for XSH. Freeware
fxnm_201.zip30KFX-NETMAIL v2.01 for Roboboard /FX
galnetap.zip6,593BGalactic Net, The Sci-fi / Entertaiment Connection,informa
gamenet.zip6,296BGameNET - The Gamers Network! - Features: RPG Discussions
gateways.fid19K19640 03/27/21 from FidoNet to Internet
gcu102.zip77KGEcho Conversion Utilities v1.02 - FrontDoor v2.02/NC - v2
gemini2.zip5,464BGEMINI-Net - Info Kit 01/28/95
gems0894.zip61KGnetEMS - An *EXCITING* Network # # with author support co
gendrivr.arc13K13619 03/27/21 drivers for FIDO's
genxapp.zip10KGeneration_X Info Packet 09/25/94 - Come join the network
gibbnet.zip16KInformation file on a new FIDO/QWK style BBS network. Down
glnk0993.zip85KThe Global-Link Network; Electronic Bulletin Board Service
globe_me.zip41KAtt'n SYSOPS! Download this information package! GlobalNet
gmsg402.zip45KLatest GenMsg .MSG editor/interface for FidoNet/PGP/Intern
gnet0395.zip15KGalactic Net, A International Sci-fi / Entertaiment Connec
goscan23.zip216KGOSCAN v2.03 - The Ultimate GOMail v1.+ Log Analzyer. GOSC
gtag110.zip99KGTAG 1.10 is a tagline appending utility that allows the u
gtel1009.zip61KGT Power Network International Echomail Conference Listing
gtnl1001.zip23KGT Network Nodelist, released October 01, 1994. Prepared b
harvey_5.zip33KHarvey's Robot allows you to produce incoming or outgoing
hawk1194.zip48KHAWKNET NOV 1994: HAWKNET application and information pack
hmail100.zip271KHyperMail! v1.00, the affordable mail tosser. HyperMail! o
homenet.zip5,123BHomeNET Info Pak - A mail network with that Down-Home flav
hotnet.zip43KInformation on HotNet, Americas finest Adult Network
hr-5199.zip18KU.S. House bill for Government Encryption Control w/EFF an
hsainfo.zip12KInformation on the HSAnet EchoMail Network We have nodes i
ibcnet.zip1,877BPress Release for IBCnet * Outlines the first BBS Internet
idchk426.zip70KIDCHECK / Front Door 4.26 *> For Front Door 2.12 & up that
ilapp29.zip38KNetworks come and go but ILink - the 1st QWK network - rem
ilcnf401.zip35KOfficial ILink International Conference List for January,
illu1294.zip19KIlluNet * Join the Fast Growing Mail Network with Frontend
ilnk9503.zip33KILink International NetMail Network Member listings! The A
im160_1u.zip40KIMAIL 1.60.1 (IMSETUP and IMTHINGS update) This is a small
imail160.zip651KIMAIL v1.6: Full-featured echo mail processor which offers
imasr160.zip72Kimail's area statistic reporter v.1.60: Report imail's are
imcry102.zip55KImCrypt. PGP batch shell for *.msg netmail. It works with
imd_t.zip13KAutomatic description import/export for IMAIL 1.5x
imnsr160.zip36Kimail's node statistic reporter v.1.60: Report imail's nod
imrat160.zip32Kimail's reattach tool v.1.60 - recreates lost fileattaches
imwcgm11.zip146KSetup for InterMail v2.29 / WC!4.x / GoMail v2.x with Fido
imwchm13.zip146KSetup for InterMail v2.29 / WC!4 / HyperMail! with FidoNet
imwcwm12.zip140KSetup for InterMail v2.29 / WC!4 / WildMail v4.x with Fido
in_9503b.zip70KThe Intelec Network Information File Mar 95! 197 Forums! 4
inb_9503.zip8,390BINBasket! Official Intelec Newsletter Mar 95 Monthly News,
inetfido.zip67KThe Internet Connection!: Inet will allow your users to wr
inetfix.zip76KINET Bug fix for INET v1.5 There was a last minute bug I d
infoapp.zip28KInfoNet InterNational(tm) EchoMail NetWork Membership Appl
interty.zip46KSysOps! - Do you want to give YOUR users an Internet Email
intlem09.zip7,397BTable guide of country codes, showing the countries which
intnet.zip4,418BINTELLI-Net - New QWK specific network
introv1.zip63KINTROS.EXE version 1.0 - Ever get weary writing out those
is20.zip6,658BIS.EXE v2.0 File Size Checker! For checking size of your R
isinfo.zip63KInterSports Network registration packet. A sports oriented
isr100a.zip59KiSERVER, a great FIDO-UUCP tosser. Can toss mail from your
iut16adv.zip9,774BIUTIL 1.60 Advanced configuration
iutil161.zip151KIUTIL 1.61 Released December 1994. Utility for IMAIL which
jampack5.zip55KJAMPACK - JAM Message base maintenance program for T.A.G.
jmbmsg20.zip8,854Bjumblmsg.btm v2.0: Purpose: Randomly reorder *.msgs in mai
jmg280g8.zip152KGoldBase EchoMail Tosser v2.80 Gamma 8
jmh280g8.zip151KHudson Messagebase EchoMail Tosser v2.80
jnet0295.zip70KJerseyNet Information Package < < < +-+ | > JerseyNet is N
joinpcl.zip37KPC-LINK Network - Fido/Qwk alternative network. Supports e
killpktd.zip31KKILLPKT is a very simple program that is used to KILL cert
kiltos11.zip46KKILLTOSS 1.1 * Killtoss v1.1 - Incoming File Management fo
kook1294.zip6,255BKook-Net Info Packet- Gourmet Cooking QWK Netword. Kook-Ne
kpost110.zip52KKAMPost is a textfile Posting Program for JAM, Hudson, Ezy
ktag101.zip108KKaleidoscope Tag 1.01 Allows online users to add TagLines
lcmn0694.zip4,795BLAWSON CHRISTIAN MAIL NETWORK SysOp Kit 06/94 Information
lds0894.zip13KApplication for the LDS_Net mail system At last! A netmail
link0694.zip25KLinkUSA Communications Network Information! *-*-*-*-*-*-*-
ln9502.zip2,204BAttention Sysops . Fun network! . LostNet is looking for s
ln_9411.zip3,537BAttention Sysops . Fun network! . LostNet is looking for s
lnet0395.zip9,781BLakeNet]-+ | LakeNet Information Package for | | March 199
lnews95a.zip2,893BLakeNet]-+ | LakeNews for January 1995 | | | |Join this fr
loge_006.zip7,845BLogEntry is a simple Batch program to write entries to a l
lost0394.zip2,572BAttention Sysops - Fun network! - LostNet is looking for s
lotto993.zip4,070BLOTTONET-QWKNet HUB/INFO Packet; This is a New QWK Compati
lsetdesc.zip33KLSetDesc v1.00 - LORA-BBS utility to make global changes t
lstrip06.zip17KLeStrip v0.60 > A *.PKT message stripper to remove Hi-Asci
luvnet05.zip11KApplication kit for LUV_NET adult only echo network
maam200.zip72KConverts SQUISH.CFG to many other formats
magics.zip57KAutomatic update of magic filenames
mailchek.zip118KMAILCHEK v2.0 - skip mail scan if last caller left no mess
mailgate.zip63KMailGate V1.0 Message conversion program. Convert messages
mbrpt200.zip7,349BMessageBase Reporter v2.00: Now written in Pascal, instead
metal694.zip4,296BMetalNET QWK mail net. Not Just one music conference here!
metro294.zip37KMetroLink International Network Information Packet for Feb
mg017.zip661KMailGate 0.17 ####| |-| | The great Gateway program! | | I
milpol94.zip36KMilPolNet, Military and Police FidoNet-style BBS network.
mkmu100.zip124KMK Message Utilities; Squish, Jam, *.Msg, Hudson, and Ezy
mknet115.zip230KMKNet v1.15 QWK network tosser for MK, RA, Quick, Super, a
mlk1094.zip36KInformation packet and membership application for joining
mlp_1094.zip20KMLPNET from The NASA MLP BBS in Port Orchard, WA! Now with
mm391awb.zip235KMail Manager +Plus+ v3.91a WIDE BETA. This beta test copy
mmqwkn32.zip61KQWK Networking For BBS systems v3.2 Converts QWK to > REP.
mmrep150.zip14KMM Rep v1.5; Making Mail Managable! MM Rep will convert te
mmrg12.zip109KMailManager Report Generator v1.2 Tracks use of bbs messag
mn1994s.zip30KMegNET info package for Sept. > We have 36 friendly confer
mnet1094.zip57KMetalNET QWK mail net. The midwest's only all music e-mail
moma100.zip63KMonitors Message Base Usage using lastread pointer files
moron200.zip10KMoRoN CoNVeRTiNG" is a program for people who write alot o
mplus311.zip339KMMGR +Plus+ v3.11; QWK mail door: RBBS/Fido. The version 3
mpoin170.zip99KM-POINT v170 multiline pointlistconverter up to ten pointl
msged207.zip67K68266 03/27/21 Fido message editor/reader
msq10g2.zip113KMOSQUITO v1.0r1 File Echo Processor Gamma release of a fil
mtn0894.zip3,965BApplication for the Mountain Net mail system. A netmail sy
n_email.zip42KNetwork Email 2.74 by Ivory Tower. Software. This is a fre
nano187.zip13KNANOnet Application Packet & NODELIST for JUNE '94! * NANO
nc18_sep.zip9,083BNew adult net - [ No Children Under 18 ] Are you sick of t
ndiffa50.zip75KFidoNet NodeDiff for day 350
ndrpt104.zip23KUtility was developed for the purpose of creating a specif
nenet200.zip13KNew England Net Information Pack v2.00 NE-Net is friendly.
net-12.zip19KNET-12, The Family Values Network was formed out of the fr
net_12.zip19KNET-12, The Family Values Network was formed out of the fr
netad100.zip36KNetAdder v1.00 < NetAdder: A nice tool for Mail-Editors: C
netchk10.zip34KHubs, close Nodes at specified times for Net Mail Runs. Se
netday22.zip38KNETDAY Version 2.2 from HOTware. A little utility that wil
netl0195.zip184KNetLand Volume 2 Number 1 01/95 Monthly electronic magazin
netst31.zip47KNetSTATi v3.1 Edit your NET file from UUPCB, create a PCBo
newsdb10.zip228KThe NewsDB - allows the user to create complex hypertext d
newspik2.zip24KNewsGPik will create .Bag files containing selected NewsGr
nin_net8.zip6,491BInfo Packet for | | Ninny-Net Mail Network | |-| | Ninny-N
nlem0894.zip55KNLEMSnet Information Archive - Network Rules
nlts_10.zip9,130BNLTS v1.0 NodeList Text Searcher Searches the Fido nodelis
nobog134.zip53KNoBoGus V1.34. Utility to chaeck for dupes on inbound PKT'
nodebl11.zip34KNODEBUL 1.1 from HOTware. Utility to create ASCII and ANSI
nodefile.zip45KUse customized text files of any origin to send to nodes w
nodelist.inf908B908 03/27/21 get the FidoNet node list via ftp
nodesort.zip31KFTSC (fido-style) nodelist sorter extr acts only local BBS
nodeview.zip48KNODEVIEW 1.0 =E=E=E=E= Nodeview 1.0 Nodelist Searching doo
nsfg_103.zip39KNewsgroup System File Generator v 1.03 Takes your list of
nstat14.zip26KNETSTAT v1.4 Network Mail Bulletin Generator. Reports Last
ntimp100.zip56KNetImp, The NetMail Importer. Import existing .MSG Netmail
ntmail13.zip9,973BNetMail v1.3 | |-| |A FreeWare replacement for the| |(E) c
ntmgr99.zip88KNetMgr/beta; Copy, move, delete, change, file, bounce, etc
ntmgr99p.zip85KNetMgr/beta; Copy, move, delete, change, file, bounce, etc
nu_v220.zip117KNU - Nodelist Updater 2.20 Updates nodelists with the week
nwl9407.zip13KIntroducing NorthWest Link! A small general topic E-mail n
nwnpolic.zip2,848BNew World Network; Policy, Information & Conference List
o_qwk17.zip80KQWK door for Opus 1.7+ (from Portugal!)
ogn01_95.zip33KThe Online Gamers Network(tm) (Revision Date 0
omni0395.zip10KOmniLink is a Nationwide QWK Mail network that specializes
opmed32w.zip217KOPMED - Version 3.20 Wide Beta, The Friendly FidoNet Compa
ot-251b.zip591KO/T-Track v.2.51b- THE Complete | | netmailtracker and mai
ournet05.zip3,428BOurNet Information Packet - 5/94 - OurNet is a SysOps ONLY
outb103.zip17KOUTBOUND Version 1.03 is a FrontDoor 2.11+ FDC reporter wh
p_bpost.zip19KPen and Brush Net for Writers & Artists; P&BNet is a fast-
p_p_9411.zip13KPassion and Pleasure - An Adults' Only Network! Currently
passbagd.zip48KPASSBAG passthru newsgrps in .BAG fls
passpktd.zip31KPASSPKT is a very simple program that is used to PASS THRO
pat-net.zip4,784BStart up packet for Patriot Net
pathnet2.zip507KPathnet is a canadian based mail net with conferences for
pbl_200.zip340KPBBSList Version 2.00 #| +-+ * Multi-Database * Multi-Line
pbt_100.zip104KPBBSTABS Version 1.00 #| +-+ Best TABS registration handli
pcbintro.zip2,601BPCBINTRO is a collection of three INTRO screens for PCBoar
pcblnk2.zip3,337BPCB-Board Link Netmail System [2] A great and growing net
pcfaudt5.zip16KPCF Audit records and moves files received from Planet Con
pcfu200c.zip84KPCFU with Exempt file list.
pclink.zip36KPC-LINK Network - Local Fido/Qwk alternative network. Supp
pcn-0395.zip13KPC-Net mail message network information packet updated for a organization of Users and use th
pen_9412.zip11KPlanet Earth Network! 12/94 Join one the friendliest, grow
petnet9.zip36KFree, Complete, Friendly QWK e-mail Net. Ideal for new BBS
pgp262dc.zip163KPGP 2.6.2 DOCS ONLY archive. Exportable. Official M.I.T. r
pgpld1-2.zip15KPGPLoad 1.2 - PGP interface for Bluewave mail system. Allo
plan0195.zip34KPlanoNet Information Packet [1/1/95] This network is aimed
plnk0594.zip2,750BPCBOARD-LINK MAIL NETWORK! A great new mail network in the
pn-0295.zip45KWelcome to PhileoNet. Fellowship.Prayer.Talk.Christians *
pnet231a.zip6,817BPlaNet: List of all BBS'es affiliated with PlaNet.
pnp_9501.zip14KPassion and Pleasure - An Adults' Only Network! Currently
point.zip11K11255 04/10/21 Instructions for setting up a FidoNet point
point188.zip192KPPoint - Professional Point - Automatic Setup and Maintena
poll_101.zip18KPoll! 1.01 - for FrontDoor / InterMail. Creates poll messa
postblt.zip7,035BA POSTLINK Mail run report Utility! Postblt will create an
ppent200.zip4,605BPPEnet Info/APP Pack 200 + Nodelist,Echolist,App. | Releas
ppl-net2.zip7,677BPPL Network Info Package. This network is dedicated to the
pplan107.zip10KPPoint - Professional Point MODULE Optional LAN support mo
ppqwk120.zip99KPPoint - Professional Point MODULE Optional QWK support mo
prerd_14.zip36KPreRaid v1.4 - Allow Multi pass mode of RAID for WCFF!
proaxe.zip5,538BApplication Package to JOIN | : ProAxe NET. A Bilingual N
ps2pctic.zip48KUtility marry keywords with Area TAGWORDS in PSxxxxxx.tic
psar21.zip40KPSAR Version 2.1 * Manintenance Release * - Profanity Seek
psinet15.zip16KPSINET APPLICATION Release 1/95 PERSoftware International
psrt_14.zip263KPacketSorter v1.4 bug fixes & new features FidoNet inbound
psy1194.zip6,113BsyLink Network, 1994. ##. Sci-Fi Related Discussion ]#*.*
ptfl100.zip30KPalmTick FeatherLight v1.00 - TickFile pre-processor for P
pub1194.zip42KPublicus(tm) Info. Packet & Application Generator for Nov,
pwsnet7a.zip523KPWSNET7a: Personal Wealth Systems Network Multimedia Repor
pxt_3_14.zip21KPXT V3.14 Multi-line custom tagline /header insertor. Work
qfax25.zip124KQUICKFAX v2.5 Now offer fax services to your BBS users. Ex
qkcon100.zip115KThis program converts successive .qwk download packets int
qnode202.zip84KQNODE nodelist processor. Can use EMS if you have it.
qnodx202.zip183KDPMI version. Requires an 80286+ w/ 2Megs of ram.
qprn110.zip136KQWKPRUNE 1.10. Removes unwanted messages from QWK-format m
qratio19.zip49KQratio v1.9 creates Fidonetstyle mail statistics. Works wi
qrep13.zip29KQRep v1.3 - The ultimate QWK compatible automated message
qwkespec.zip5,161BExtended QWK (QWKE) Specifications > Royalty-free! See how
qwkgrab.zip39KQWKGRAB V. 1.0 This utility provides for two functions: on
qwkmsg30.zip4,974BQUICK MESSAGE -+ | You *MUST* see this! | | This is the be
r2z_v12.zip111KRep2Zip V 1.2 By Eddy Salvador *.TIC files "Replaces" comm
r402b03.zip46KB03 Patch For SX Real Mode Reader
r402b03p.zip83KB03P Patch For SX Protected Mode Reader
rail0194.zip14KInformational packet for RailNet!
ramrc001.zip8,636BChop off unused MESSAGES.RA entries above your highest use
rc_net.zip2,658BJoin RC-Net, dedicated to Radio Control Modelers. It's new
rcvnet12.zip12KCurrent RecoverNet Info from LifeLine (12 Step Oriented) B
rd400ww.zip172KSilver Xpress Off-Line Reader Documentation for version V4
readit_6.zip42K42543 03/27/21 reader/editor
realtya.zip2,255BApplication to join RealtyNet, nationwide network of BBSs
ref21.zip53KThe REF Version 2.1. A HOTware utility to produce a true R
register.zip29KLatest Registration forms for FastEcho 1.4x as of December
remsys20.arc47K47872 03/27/21 maint. of OPUS/FIDO USER.BBS
reqscn12.zip87KREQSCAN 1.02 - File Request Reporter Scans File Request lo
rfix_s03.zip50KRFIX_S03.ZIP - -= RFIX_S .03beta (c) 1994, GGM Data =- A _
rgsn1094.zip87KRenegade Support Network Package 10-01-94: Fast growing, S
rime.zip106KLatest Rime Site list - contains list of hubs, location of
ripem12.zip92KRipem - RSAREF-based Internet Privacy Enhanced Mail, versi
rkr110.zip11KRKROUTE 1.10 by Russell Kroll [12-20-93] This program will
rly0993.zip188KInfomation on joining RIME (RelayNet) network, a 1000 node
robot600.zip23KHarvey's Robot allows you to produce incoming or outgoing
rocie794.zip4,728BInformation on ROCIE Net, a local Orange
rocklink.zip11KDecember 1994 Update Pack * Welcome to RockLink(tm). This
rocknet.zip4,592BROCK-NET.#### ### RockNet is *fully* dedicated to open ###
rp100.zip218KThe Prime External Request Processor v1.00 for Frontdoor 2
rushnet.zip6,754BRushnet will be the easiest Net you ever joined. This is t
s-nws410.zip176KSuper News v4.10 #| |-| | This is the BEST news maker for
s2p13.zip42KPCS2PCB is a file dir maker for users of planet Connect Sa
saflist.zip28KSAF-NET Nodelist Release - No. 273
safnet.zip89KSAF-Net Information file with associated echo and file are
sbgrelay.zip28KRIME last mail transfer display generator - Generates ASCI
scott395.zip15KSCOTTNet Application & Infokit]### Sysops! You're invited
scriptor.zip27KScriptor has an "output script" on the command
sdnkit11.zip27KSDN Kit #11 for SDN International(sm) February 1995. SDN I
sdntst10.zip27KSDNTest v1.03 to verify SDN International shareware distri
seal_040.zip219KSeal 0.40; Areafix/Raid/Tick for SquishMail users
sec0694.zip16KHI @FIRST@, This file contains The SECnet Information pack
secureml.zip6,868BSecureMail Information Package
seek0594.zip61KSEEKNET(tm) International Echomail Network May '94 packet
semaf002.zip14KSEMAFORE, Revision 2 - Handy utility for handling semaphor
sendmail.ufg5,645B5645 03/27/21 for MXing for sites
serchnt1.zip28KAn independent network for the support of all peoples. Dis
serv0295.zip4, is a free QWK mail network that is available to a
sexnet16.zip6,164BWBS Presents; SEXnet v1.6 Start-Up Kit! A complete network
sfcn1093.zip10KCircuitnet Net-mail node list for Oct.'93.
sfwd_100.zip84KStormForward 1.00 - The *.MSG File Forwarding Utility
sil_0694.zip3,880BInfo on how to join the all new SilNet programming net. Th
skill320.zip42KSPOTKILL Version 3.20 from HOTware. A utility to browse a
sl_9403.zip4,543BSYSLink Mail Network SYSLink is a NET that is based in cen
sml_1294.zip15KSmall_Net Echomail Network [FTSC Compatible/WA State Based
smrt0894.zip23KLatest edition of the Smartnet Network Node List - include
sn0395.zip54KSEEKNET(tm) International Echomail Network March '95 packe
snet0594.zip28KAn independent network for discussion of Paranormal, and S
sob_008b.zip115KSon of Bonk v0.08b with 4D Addressing
software.txt4,697B4697 03/27/21 of files in this directory
son0195.zip10KSON-net: We are looking for some quality bbs's to join SON
sportnet.zip948BDetroit Sportsnet info on joining a free local qwk based n
spread10.zip7,059BSpread Jam areas across several directories
sq2ar101.zip15KCreates AREAS.BBS from Squish configuration file. Indicate
sqsh_111.zip654KSquish 1.11 - DOS version. Flexible EchoMail processor for
sqwk10.zip49KSearch that QWK v1.0 February 1994 (C) COPYRIGHT by Steve
srnt0295.zip3,869BSRNet=- ] Join Sanctified Revolutions Mail Network. It is
statsc2a.zip53KStatusC: Generate Export, Import, Last Import and Monthly
status3m.zip52KStatus: Generate Export, Import, Last Import and Monthly T
string26.zip44KSTRINGS 2.6 - unoffical release of STRINGS 2.0, many bug f
suarm102.zip110KSHUT UP AND RUN THE MAIL, Version 1.02 QWK tosser for Remo
swnet395.zip3,727BApplication and set up for SwingersNet adult Echo-Mail net
swp1194.zip4,643BJoin the SweepNet network today! The friendliest network d
sx503h1.zip594KSilver Xpress QWK and OPX Mail Door V5.03 from Santronics
sx503m1.zip553KSilver Xpress QWK and OPX Mail Door V5.03 from Santronics
sx503w1.zip592KSilver Xpress QWK and OPX Mail Door V5.03 from Santronics
sysnl314.zip83K85500 03/27/21 nodelist compiler and editor
sysopmvp.zip2,607BFind out how you can become a member of the MVP Distributi
tagger10.zip62KTAGGER.EXE v1.0 A BBS utility to add a bit of change to th
tap_0294.zip7,998BTAP-Net E-Mail Network * Welcome to the next generation E-
tcfg10.zip29KTNETCFG, TNET.CFG file maker. TNET.CFG made easy!
tech0295.zip15KTECH-NET.#### ### Need help with a system, program or ###
tekdist.zip2,775BA New network dedicated to the Technical aspects of the PC
tenet893.zip4,665BInformation packet tells you everything you need to know a
tgln0395.zip766KThe Global-Link Network Inc. ]-+ |- Online Service -| | In
theo0394.zip6,084BTHEO-NET: The Christian Theology Network. Easy to join, fr
thrb9502.zip44KThrobNet International Adult Network. America's largest an
ticfile.zip6,835BFull Documentaion of What *.TIC files are
ticfn127.zip121KTicToss for FeathetNet Pro, v1.27 *BETA*
ticit2a.zip79KAn Uncompleted Alpha Release of TicIt 2.00. This one suppo
tickv150.zip13KTickView v1.50: Allows you to quickly view the file name,
ticmove.zip51KUtility to marry .tic's with the proper files coming in of
ticrob13.zip20KTICROBO v1.03 ## ## (c) 1995 Heavenware Software ## ## The
timb11p.zip147KTimEd/B11; Fast msg editor for FidoNet; supports Squish, J
timg2p.zip161KTimEd/gamma; Fast msg editor supporting Squish, JAM, *.MSG
tl941027.zip224KTL941027.ZIP v - The TRILINK QWK echo mail network update
tlxpt104.zip82KTelix Point Script v1.04 for running a Fido Net Point unde
tmgr010.zip46KTicMake v.10 *BETA* for TicToss Beta Testers*
tpost102.zip40KTpost ver 102 Tick message poster for Echomail
traf110.zip148KEcho Traffic reports for up to 1024 Fido/Opus, Hudson, JAM
tranx0d.zip25Kcmos clock set from mailer log (bink/fd/box)
trekrnet.zip37KTrekkerNet! Information and application pack. If you're a
tvro_faq.zip52KTVRO Setup for Fidonet and UseNet (FAQ List)
txtbcst.zip32KTurn a TXT file into a REP/QWK file.
tymenet.zip33KSysOps! - Do you wish to recieve 4-15 megs a day of new fi
ufg_103.zip503K515472 04/10/21 Mail & news/echos between FidoNet and UUCP
ultnt2.zip6,472BULTRANet information packet | | Network of the future | |
uni121cd.zip17KConference descriptions for U'NI-net, including host infor
uni230.zip64KInformation on the U'NI-net International echomail network
upc12bad.zip334KUUPC 1.12b Documentation File. Here are the docs for this
us_03_95.zip25KUSnetMail information packet for March 95! 813-977-5600 Us
usa.zip1,784BRequest USATODAY Ghost Event .SCR file
usrnet16.zip5,232BUSERnetInformation Packet # # * PA, NJ local based network
uucico.zip63KThe UUCICO.EXE in this directory can be used as a replacem
uupcb120.zip574KuuPCB - Version 1.20 - Shareware Release - The most widely
vexnov94.zip11KVexNet * Adult Echo Mail Network! QWK Packet based Network
vfreqdir.zip38KVFREQDIR v 3.00 01-03-94 Creates and maintains a directory
vn0195a.zip5,705BVirutal-Net, QWK network info
vret893e.zip8,808BInformation on how to join the brand new VRETNET This net
wax1093a.zip9,208BWaxNet Application; Join an exciting new QWK or FIDO style
wclaw893.zip14KWCLawNet; The Law Enforcement Echo Mail Network! WCLawNet
wcpak_29.zip17KWinCNet (WinK-Net) Info Packet. The Place to be in '93! Me
wg042894.zip302KWaterGate: Mailprocessor for Fido & Usenet
who200.zip16KWHO 2.00 - Add callers to your mailer's history - FrontDoo
witchnet.zip4,953BThis file contains information and an
wlst0195.zip32KWildNet(tm) Communications network node listing for JAN 19
wnet0894.zip26KWildNet rules and docs for August 1994
world168.zip5,389BWorldNet Nodelist and Application - NEW from Simcoe County
wtn-0994.zip219KWorld Tibet Network News - September 1994
xero041.zip17KX * E * R * O * N * E * T = XeroNet is an International he
xif_0_9.zip19KXIF 0.9 Areafix'er for XSH. Freeware.
xlax_232.zip135K137925 03/27/21 compiler for READIT/Binkley
xm198os2.zip589KXenia Mailer/Edit - Version 1.98 (Eval) FidoNet technology
xmail100.zip338KxMail 1.00 Shareware Release - The most powerful Mailproce
xnet.zip19KX-Net | The X-Files(TV show) Qwk based Network! PGP Help c
xsh_0_7.zip108KXSH 0.7 Beta: Scanner/Tosser for XBBS, Squish, Hudson, Gol
yat110.zip148KYet Another TIC Processor. DOS version w/ support for Remo
yatp110.zip134KYaTic - Yet Another TIC Processor, fully understanding 5D
zapmsg10.zip26KZAPMSG v1.00. Tired of deleting all those *.MSG files left